How To Properly Create Coupons In Your WooCommerce Store

Coupons is a great way to run a promotion for whatever business that you are operating. And if your business is carried out using a WooCommerce platform than creating coupons can never be easier.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to properly create coupons in WooCommerce.

Step 1: In your WordPress dashboard, hover your cursor on WooCommerce and click on Coupons

By doing so, you will be brought to the coupons creating page. Here, click on the button that says Create your first coupon.

Step 2: Add the coupon details

The first thing you need to add is the coupon code. We advise you to use your site’s brand and followed by a unique identifier. For example, if your site’s brand is Google, then come up with a coupon code that starts with Google and followed by the reason why the coupon is created. If you created the coupon for christmas celebration, then this is how it should be: GoogleXmas or GoogleChristmas.

After that, you can add a description for the coupon. It’s totally optional tho.

Step 3: Edit coupon general data

Once you have completed Step 2, scroll down to the section that says Coupon data.

Here you will see General, Usage restrictions and Usage limits.

We will start with General.

The first thing that you will see under General is Discount Type. Here’s where you state the type of discount that you are creating. There are 3 types of discount that you can create and they are Fixed cart discount, Fixed product discount and Percentage discount.

What is Fixed cart discount?

A fixed cart discount is very similar to a cash voucher. For instance, if you set it to be $25, then customers will be entitled to a $25 discount when checking out from your store with that coupon.

What is Fixed product discount?

A fixed product discount is a cash voucher for a particular product or a number of different products. For example, if you only want an iPhone to be entitled for the discount, then fixed product discount is the way to do it.

What is Percentage discount?

A percentage discount is a discount for the overall cart in the form of percentage. For example, if you want customers to enjoy a 25% off on overall items that they purchase, then percentage discount is the option that you should select.

All you need to do now is select the type of discount that you want to create based on the descriptions above.

After that, enter the amount of the discount, select the ‘Allow free shipping’ option if you also want to grant free shipping with the coupon and followed by setting the expiry date of the coupon.

Note: If you are creating a coupon specifically for shipping, then you can leave the coupon amount at ‘0’.

Here’s an example on how we set it.

Step 4: Edit usage restriction

Here’s where you set the restrictions of the coupon. For example, how much do you want your customers to spend before being able to use the coupon and whether or not the coupon is eligible for products that are already on sale.

Here’s how we set it:

As you can see from the screenshot above, we left the Products, Exclude Products, Product Categories and Exclude Categories untouched because they are only meant for Fixed Product Discount.

And if you only want certain email addresses to be able to use the coupon without any restrictions, you can input the email addresses in the field that says Allowed Emails.

Step 5: Edit usage limits

Here’s where you set the limits of the coupon. Before we explain what it’s all about, here’s a screenshot on how we set the limits:

As you can see we set the Usage limit per coupon to be 50. This means that after the coupon has been used 50 times by various different customers, the coupon will automatically be invalid.

The Limit usage to X items is for you to limit the coupon for only a number of products in the cart. For instance, if you want the coupon to be valid only if the cart contains more than 10 items, then you should add the numerical value 10 in the provided field. This means that if the customer’s cart does not have at least 10 products, the coupon can’t be used.

And finally you can set the Usage limit per user. For instance, if you want every customer to only be able to use the coupon once, then this is where you set it.

Once you are done with all the above, Publish the coupon.

And your coupon has been successfully created.

All that is left for you to do now is promote the coupon code to eligible customers either via email or an advertising campaign.

If you have any further questions regarding creating a coupon in WooCommerce, please leave a comment below and we will be happy to assist you.