How To Redirect Your Primary Domain Name To Another URL Via cPanel

Do you want to redirect your main domain name to another URL? If you do, here’s a tutorial on how you can do it using your cPanel account.

Do take note that, this method also works for redirecting subdomains. 

Step 1: Log into your cPanel account

If you are not sure how to access your cPanel account, contact your web hosting provider’s live chat support team and they will assist you on this.

On the other hand, once you have logged in, click on Redirects.

Step 2: Add the redirect URL

On the following Redirects screen, select the primary domain name which you want to redirect under the dropdown section that says All Public Domains.

Once you have selected the domain name, add the URL which you want the primary domain name to be redirected to under the field that says Redirects to. Here’s an example:

And followed by clicking on Add.

That’s all you need to do. By performing the step above, you will receive a message that says your domain name is currently being redirected to the URL that you have set.

You can also try accessing your domain name and you will see that it will be automatically redirected to the URL.

Step 3: Remove redirect

If you would like to remove the redirect, simply access your cPanel account and once again click on the Redirects button.

Then, in the Redirects page, scroll to the end to the section that says Current Redirects and you will see the domain redirection that you have set using the method above. What you will need to do here is click on the Remove button.

On the following screen, click on the button that says Remove Redirect.

And the redirection will be removed.