How to start a travel blog with WordPress for beginners

If you travelling is what you are keen about and you would like to share your travel adventures, then I’m pretty sure you have thought of having a travel blog before. It is a good way to share your travel experience and it also helps readers to follow your journey.

But before all that, you will need to know some of the essentials to create a successful blog;

  • Have the time to travel and blog
  • The ability to write in an interesting way that lures readers to read more of your journey
  • Documenting it by well taken photos
  • And social media, to interact with your readers (as readers love looking at good photos on social media)

However, starting a blog is not a walk in the park for beginners. It can be quite tricky.

Here we will walk you the process step by step on how to set up your blog just the way you want it. When we say “just the way you want it”, we mean by having your preferred domain name, hosting and getting it to look the way you imagine it.

The first step, thinking of a domain name

Get a pen and paper, sit down at a comfortable zone and think of a name that will be suitable for your travel blog.

Second step, involves registering a domain name and hosting

You might think that this is as tough as registering your preferred car number plate with the government, trust us, it is not difficult at all. Our recommendation for you to purchase a domain is at SiteGround. Their domain are priced at $14 per year and you can choose from .com all the way to .xyz. The choice is yours.

We are not trying to hard sell SiteGround here, we are using their services as well for quite some time and we are very satisfied with it.

So, once you have got your name, you will have to choose a hosting plan with SiteGround as well. There are three hosting plan options and they are the StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek.

For a start, the StartUp package should do as it comes with all the essential features and it is reliable.

Simply click on Get Started, and type in the domain name that you chose in the first step. Once you are done, click proceed to review & complete. Fill in your information and make payment with your Debit or Credit card (it won’t cost more than US$70 – yearly cost or about US$5.8 monthly).

Wait for your account conformation email by SiteGround 

SiteGround will send you an email with the confirmation of your purchase. Then you will receive that your account and domain is ready after a couple of hours.

Login to your SiteGround account

Click on My Accounts tab >> Manage Account tab >> Go to cPanel (Access cPanel securely)

Install WordPress

WordPress is a free open source content management system (CMS). It is also the most popular CMS.

After clicking Go to cPanel in the above step, you will come across the cPanel dashboard that looks like the screenshot below:

Scroll down to the WordPress tools section and click on WordPress Installer. Follow the instructions carefully and install it.

You will receive an email containing your password and link where you can login to your newly active WordPress website.

Simply login with the credentials and you will see a dashboard like the following screenshot:

Now you will need to know how to use WordPress

If you are familiar with BlogSpot, then you can simply skip this step as they are almost similar. However, if you have no clue what you are doing then here are the important things you need to know about WordPress to fire your travel blog up in no time.

1. The sidebar

Image by:

Dashboard is the place where you create posts, add images/videos, create pages, delete and approve comments, add themes and customise themes, edit the title of your homepage, and install + activate or uninstall + delete plugins.

The above are the only basics you need to know when it comes to WordPress dashboards. Once you master the sidebar, everything is as easy as eating a peanut.

After coming through till here, your WordPress website will look something like this

It’s now time to add the travel flavour to your site (since it’s a travel blog). Which is called the WordPress theme

Here are some of our suggestions 🙂

1. Travelista

2. Hermes

3. wpVoyager

4. EightDays

5. Your Journey

Our themes are handpicked by the experts and they are premium themes (they come with a price), but, they are worth it as they are very easy to set up and responsive.

Responsive – Meaning that the themes respond to the users behaviour and environment based on screen. So, no matter on which device user’s (tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop) use to read your blog, your blog will always look clean and neat.

So, once you are done choosing your theme, the next step is to purchase it and download it. (Only download the installable WordPress files)

It’s time to upload your WP theme 

Under your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance >> Themes >> Add New

Click on Add New and you will see an option that says Upload Theme. Click on it

Click the browse button and navigate to the installable WordPress files that you have downloaded from ThemeForest and Upload.

Once it’s uploaded, Activate the theme

For the theme instructions, simply follow the theme author’s instruction on how to set it up. Most of the themes listed above has a 1 click demo install which basically allows you to copy the readymade theme setup into your WordPress travel blog.

Complete all step above, and you are ready to travel and blog your journey

Have fun travel blogging from wordatom. 😉