Indicana – The Best WooCommerce Theme to Sell Cannabis Products

Are you looking for a WooCommerce theme to sell cannabis products on the internet? The right WooCommerce theme to get the job done is Indicana.

Priced at 56 US Dollars, this theme is actually the best-selling WooCommerce theme for this particular field.

The theme comes with five different cannabis store homepage layouts. All of them are designed with selling cannabis in mind.

Each and every layout are different in terms of content placements. But, the main idea is to sell the four types of cannabis products that are available in the cannabis market; concentrates, edibles, flowers, and vaporizers. Which is why you will see that all homepage layouts have the feature which displays the cannabis product types to allow shoppers to shop in a more organized way.

In fact, one of the store layouts removes all other nonsense which exists on the homepage and only maintains the cannabis product types feature. See the following screenshot to catch a glimpse on that particular homepage layout:

It’s very straightforward.

But, if you are looking for something least straightforward, then you should consider using the other four homepage layouts. The other homepage layouts allow you to display sliders, display the health benefits, display the types of strains, and so on.

Another interesting feature this theme possesses is the product variations feature. As you may already know, selling cannabis products online requires you to have product variations. This is because shoppers have different needs. Some want to buy a whole lot of it, and some want to buy a small portion. The good news is that WooCommerce has it all covered. You can sell products by different weights using the variable product type in WooCommerce and have shoppers select their preferred weight. What you can’t do with WooCommerce is display the product variations out in the open for shoppers to see. As a result, some shoppers will not know that the product can be purchased in various different measurements. This theme’s product variations feature allows you to display the list of products available in the store and it’s variations in absolute detail. See the following screenshot for your reference:

This feature can be placed anywhere on the store. But, preferably on the homepage where everything about the store can be found out in the open.

If you look closely, the product type, CBD content and THC content are also displayed neatly above the name of the product.

Other than that, the theme developer has really nailed the design of the theme. For example, the use of the cannabis leaf as the background of the footer really does complement the store.

If you look at the bottom right corner of the screenshot above, you will also see the cannabis leaf added to the scroll to the top button.

Other than that, the features of this theme are pretty much the usuals – a blog, image galleries, age verification, team showcase, FAQ and testimonials. You can also expect the typical WooCommerce features to be fully working with this theme without any slowdowns.

In terms of setting up Indicana, it has a powerful admin interface which allows you to set the colors, the layouts, and the typography all from one single location. There’s also a page builder included which allows you to build pages from scratch. And if you are too lazy to set up the theme, you can import the demo layouts with one mouse click and use it for your cannabis store without any obligation. It really can’t get any easier.

To learn more about Indicana, head over to it’s official page in ThemeForest.