How to Install a Plugin in WordPress

One of the first few things you will be required to know how to do once you have created a WordPress website or a blog is to know how to install a WordPress plugin.

To me, installing a WordPress plugin is like plugging in a USB flash drive into your computer or laptop. It gives you that additional storage space for your computer or laptop once you have plugged it in.

Similar to that, a WordPress plugin works almost the same way. Plugging a WordPress plugin into a WordPress website or a blog will add additional functionalities or features for the website or blog. And if you unplug it, the functionalities and features will be gone. Poof!

On the other hand, there are a few ways to do it when it comes to installing a WordPress plugin. I have outlined each and every one of the ways below.

Installing a WordPress plugin from the WordPress dashboard

The WordPress dashboard has been designed with everything in mind. It’s like a magical land where you can do anything you want. Installing a plugin is one of the things you can do.

To install a WordPress plugin from the dashboard, simply head over to the Plugins section and click on Add New.

Next, search for a plugin that you wish to install by making use of the search functionality.

What you should know is that the WordPress dashboard is directly connected to the WordPress plugin repository. So, the plugins you search here is sort of like searching in the WordPress plugin repository itself.

In other words, you get access to 55,000 plugins in the WordPress dashboard itself.

Once you have found the plugin you want to install, simply click on the Install Now button to begin the installation.

And followed by clicking on Activate.

That’s it. The WordPress plugin is now installed into your WordPress website or blog.

You can begin setting up the plugin to get it to work the way you want it.

Installing a WordPress plugin by uploading it

This method of installing a WordPress plugin is usually done if the plugin you want to install is not available in the WordPress plugin repository. In other words, you either purchase a premium plugin from a third-party WordPress plugin developer or you downloaded the plugin files from a third-party website.

Normally, when you purchase a premium WordPress plugin or you download a plugin to your computer, the files of the plugin will be in Zip file format.

To install this plugin to your WordPress website or blog, you will need to upload the Zip file of the plugin.

Firstly, you will need to have the plugin files ready in your computer or laptop.

Next, head over to your WordPress dashboard and click Add New under the Plugins tab.

installing a new wordpress plugin

Followed by clicking on the Upload Plugin button which is located almost at the top of the screen.

After that, choose the plugin files from your computer or laptop and click Install Now.

Once it has been successfully installed, activate it by clicking on Activate Plugin.

And that’s all there is to this way of installing a plugin.

You can begin configuring it to your liking.

The above are the two main ways to install a WordPress plugin in a WordPress website or blog. There are other ways too such as installing a plugin using an FTP client or installing a plugin through cPanel. However, those ways are for more advanced WordPress users. But either way, the outcome is the same.