Best Instant Checkout Plugins for WooCommerce

Sometimes all a customer wants is to just buy it and get it over with. Similar to that new McDonald’s burger that everyone is talking about and you just can’t help yourself but storming into a McDonald’s, buying it and finding out what the hype is all about.

They don’t care about the other products that you have shelved for them.

And when it comes to a WooCommerce store, those customers can be prioritized by installing any of the following plugins.

#1 Direct Checkout for WooCommerce

This plugin adds a Checkout button right next to the Add to Cart button, allowing the customer to fly off to the Checkout page immediately instead of wasting time at the Cart page.

The Checkout button can also be customized in terms of the text. For example, you can have it called “Quick Checkout”.

#2 WooCommerce Buy Now

This plugin has similar functionality as the plugin above and on top of that, it allows existing customers to bypass the checkout page, complete the order and send them straight to the Thank You page – the plugin will autofill customer’s billing and payment details based on the previous sale.

Another thing about this plugin is that instead of having guest customers to load the checkout page, you can enable the display of the checkout form in a popup up to make it a faster process.