Is Cloudways’ WooCommerce Hosting Managed?

Something which I can’t help but to notice is that Cloudways has a WooCommerce hosting option available. This raised up a lot of questions in my mind.

Is it managed WooCommerce hosting?

Do they have highly trained staff in the WooCommerce department?

Is the WooCommerce plugin installed in advance?

Does it have additional WooCommerce perks such as third-party WooCommerce extensions and etc?

As you can judge from the questions above, my mind is really bothered.

The only way for me to deal with the issues I’m having is to actually test out their WooCommerce hosting option and see for myself. Which I did.

And I have answered my questions.

Now, let me elaborate to you what I have learned.

To set up a WooCommerce website with Cloudways is actually as simple as setting up a WordPress website with Cloudways. It’s just like filling up a form back in high school.

All I got to do is select the WordPress with WooCommerce option, select a cloud computing platform, determine the server size, select the data center location and launch it.

When it’s launched, I’m able to access my brand new WooCommerce website.

The only difference between a WordPress website in Cloudways and a WooCommerce website in Cloudways is the additional WooCommerce plugin. In other words, Cloudways automatically installed the WooCommerce plugin. Other than that, everything remains the same.

You don’t get any extra WooCommerce specific service or whatsoever unlike you get with Liquid Web’s managed WooCommerce hosting plans.

In short, Cloudways WooCommerce hosting is not managed WooCommerce hosting.

In other words, they are just a normal WooCommerce hosting provider.

But, rest assured, you get the basic managed WordPress hosting service which includes automated WordPress backups which also include backing up the products you publish with WooCommerce, high WordPress performance which contributes to WooCommerce too, free SSL certificate, WordPress expert support and etc.

Does this make them a partial managed WooCommerce hosting provider?

Yes, but if only such thing exist. Otherwise, nope.