This is what I’ve learned with WordPress

Among the three best CMS out there which are Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress, which one do you think is the best option?

No matter what your choice is, mine is firmly at WordPress. Nothing would change my mind on it and I hope this piece here would change yours.

Here’s a short introduction about my WordPress career so you would understand that I’m not just an online fool

I’ve been working with WordPress since the year 2010, roughly 7 years and counting. And to be honest, I’ll never want to look back.

I’ve never taken any courses online or offline, in other words, I learned everything about it from scratch. I Google-d my way whenever I have doubts with it and I never failed to find a solution.

However, to be clear, I am not a coding expert. That’s right. I have zero knowledge on it and also no clue how WordPress PHP code works too. This is because one does not need to know about coding when it comes to WP (WP is the short form me and the WordPress community use for the word WordPress).

So, that’s basically a snip on my experience with it.

Along the way (throughout the 7 years), here’s everything that I’ve learned about it.

What is a domain name

There are consumers in the world and at the same time, there are consumers in the online world too. When I began surfing the net when I was a kid until I found out about WP, I din’t know I was a consumer all this while (I was technically consuming a lot of knowledge on the internet).

When I find out what WP is, that’s when I started reading more about the internet and how it works. I find out the URL that I normally type out is called domain name.

A domain name is basically an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the internet.

Then I found out that in order to make my own domain name work as any other websites, I will need a hosting provider

It’s totally unrelated here to WP. But you get my point on how WP made me learn more about the internet.

A hosting provider is basically a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the internet.

After the above two,, that’s when I came across WP

WordPress Oh! WordPress. What would I do without you.

I did an extensive research on which CMS is the best and widely used in the market. And at that time, that’s why I chose WP as it is the best and most widely used.

In short, once I have my hosting and domain in place, the WP comes in as a tool or a software for me to upload my writings, images / photographies, videos, design and so on.

Trust me, it’s limitless what you can do with it.

Why I say, limitless?

The word limitless simply means without end, limit or boundary. And I’m still not taking back my words.

That’s because WP is open source and there are millions of people who are using it. To be exact, 74,652,825 sites are powered by WordPress. That’s also 27% of the internet website population. (Facebook tops the online social world, and WordPress tops the online developers world)

Because of this huge community, the birth of new designed themes, plugins, and tools are made possible.

For example, if you are thinking of having a car classifieds website, then there is a theme for it that you can download and install like a game you downloaded for your smartphone or PC.

And you can go into details too.

For example, if you are looking for a particular function that will change the navigation bar in terms of style, there will be a variety of function for that too.

Anything that you can think of and there will be a tool for it.

Knowing it’s limitless

The fact that it is what it is, you can basically get creative by inputing part of your brain into the online world.

And that’s what exactly I did.

And what I did was that I set up an online magazine. From setting this up, I learned how to create valuable contents, how to get real people who are online to visit it, I learned about social media and lots more.

It’s like a chain of connections that leads to more possibilities. But this is only for my experience in the online magazine world, also can say as my journey.

I’m pretty sure you’ll be having a different interesting path on your own based on what you want to do with WordPress and the online community.