Keyboard Shortcuts for Gutenberg Editor

The Gutenberg editor is a fun way to write and publish a post in WordPress. It almost feels like playing Jenga.

But except that it’s not Jenga. It’s more sophisticated.

Unlike the identical wooden blocks found in a Jenga set, the Gutenberg editor gives you various different blocks which can be used for various reasons. There’s an Image block which allows you to upload an image and adjust its alignment. There’s a Widget block which allows you to pull widgets that are meant for the sidebar. And many more other blocks. You can even add custom blocks by using third-party plugins.

Other than that, the blocks in a Jenga game can only be placed at the top. The Gutenberg editor on the other hand allows you to place the block at the top, at the bottom or any level of a post or a page.

There are also keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts basically allow you to make use of the Gutenberg editor at maximum speed. Unlike Jenga, which requires your patience.

It’s not that I have anything against Jenga, is just that I feel comparing Jenga with the Gutenberg editor will be a good introduction for this post which is really about the keyboard shortcuts in the Gutenberg editor.

You see, when I did a search for keyboard shortcuts for the Gutenberg editor, I come across many posts which list down all the keyboard shortcuts the Gutenberg editor has. While in fact, the keyboard shortcuts are already listed in the Gutenberg editor itself for your convenience. It’s just hidden.

To access the keyboard shortcuts, click on the Tools & Options button located at the top right corner of the editor.

After that, a dropdown menu will appear with a bunch of options. Here, click on the Keyboard Shortcuts option.

Doing so, a popup will appear containing all the keyboard shortcuts available.

The keyboard shortcuts above are for Mac laptops and computers. If you are using Windows, the keyboard shortcuts which appear will be different.

At the moment of writing, there are 26 keyboard shortcuts made available.