Managed WordPress Hosting Explained

Managed WordPress hosting is unlike shared hosting. That’s the first thing that you should carve in your mind about Managed WordPress hosting.

Shared hosting is basically a type of hosting that caters to all types of websites with various different backgrounds of content management systems. If your website is powered by Joomla, you can host it with shared hosting. If your website is powered by Drupal, you can host it with shared hosting. And if your website is powered by WordPress, you can also host it with shared hosting. In other words, a shared hosting provider is a sort of like the all-in-one web hosting.

There are downsides to shared hosting simply because most websites are stuffed into a server. And it doesn’t matter what content management systems are being used by the websites. They are all stuffed into a server. Imagine putting a chicken, a duck and a monkey in a cage. Doesn’t paint a beautiful picture doesn’t it?

Well, that’s what shared hosting is all about. But then, most shared hosting are save to use despite the cruelty. The servers have been optimized for nothing bad to happen.

However, that does not mean shared hosting is 100% reliable. There are cases where a shared hosting server crashes due to bad server management or the server performs badly due to other websites that are overusing the server resources. Again, this picture can be painted with the placement of a chicken, a duck and a monkey in a cage. If the monkey eats most of the food in the cage, the other animals suffer. At the same time, the monkey is technically a larger animal species compared to the chicken and the duck. Therefore, the chicken and the duck will also face some moving around problems in the cage.

Managed WordPress hosting, on the other hand, is only meant for WordPress websites. Websites that are powered by different content management systems such as Joomla and Drupal will not be able to host using Managed WordPress hosting. Imagine the way iCloud is only built for Apple devices.

Hosting a WordPress website with Managed WordPress hosting is 100 times much safer compared to hosting it with shared hosting. This is because, with Managed WordPress hosting, all WordPress websites are allocated with a fixed storage space, fixed bandwidth, and fixed features and specifications. No WordPress website is greater than the other. Imagine a floor in a hotel building where every hotel room are given similar things. However, if the WordPress website needs intensive care and more resources, simply upgrading to a more advanced Managed WordPress hosting plan will do the trick. It will be like upgrading from a standard hotel room to a suite.

Managed WordPress hosting is also handled by WordPress experts. In other words, the server, the security, and the other technical bits have been optimized to work along with WordPress websites. So, you can expect a WordPress website to load and perform better in a Managed WordPress hosting environment compared to a shared hosting environment. And on top of that, even the support queries are handled by WordPress experts. So, you can be sure to get all your queries sorted out in absolute accuracy.

Other than that, Managed WordPress hosting also usually offers a smoother experience to create a WordPress website, migrate a WordPress website and to manage a WordPress website.

Although Managed WordPress hosting sounds like a prize possession, it does have it’s set of disadvantages in-comparison with shared hosting. The price is one of the disadvantages. Managed WordPress hosting is usually priced more expensive compared to shared hosting due to the extra hospitality work. The other disadvantage is that Managed WordPress hosting doesn’t allow you to install certain WordPress plugins that go against their server architecture. For example, if the Managed WordPress hosting server already has a backup solution, then you are not allowed to install a backup plugin in your WordPress website as it will deteriorate the performance of the server. If you think carefully though, this is sort of an advantage because Managed WordPress hosting blocks you from using certain plugins for the betterment of your WordPress website. Just like the way your mum tells you not to run outside or else you will fall and hurt yourself.

The last thing you should know about Managed WordPress hosting is that the WordPress software will automatically be updated. So, when you host a WordPress website with Managed WordPress hosting, you can forget about updating the WordPress software whenever a new version is released. It will be done for you.