The Best Plugins to Add a Rating System in WordPress

The WordPress theme which I’m using right now for this blog is called the Newspaper theme. It is a premium WordPress theme that is normally used for blogs, magazines and news reporting sites.

This theme also comes with a built-in rating system that allows me to write a review post and include an in-depth rating at the bottom of the post. The rating can be in the form of stars, percentages, and points.

Here’s an example on how the rating system looks like in the front-end.

On top of that, this rating will also be reflected on search engines like Google as the theme developer has worked the magic on it.

But of course, this rating system is not something that is developed for the Newspaper theme only. It is also made available in many other WordPress themes due to the fact that people nowadays want this feature to be included.

However, if your WordPress theme does not have this feature included, you can also use a third-party plugin to inject this feature into your theme. It will work as good, it will look as good and it will be reflected in search engines the same way.

So, if you are looking for a plugin to add a rating system into your review posts, look no further than the ones listed below.

Note: The following lists are not arranged in any particular order.

This plugin is developed by a renown WordPress theme developer company known as ThemeIsle. It allows you to add a rating system for the review posts of yours. And if you don’t wish to add it on non-review posts, you can have it disabled.

Other than that, you can also edit the colors of the rating to match your WordPress theme colors, edit the position of it; before content or after content, edit the typography to match your WordPress theme fonts, and also edit the rating bar.

As you can see from the screenshot above, you can include a quick pros and cons list for readers who are quickly browsing through the review post and you can also include an affiliate link to the product which you reviewed. How convenient eh?

The price and the image of the product can be included in it as well.

Readers can leave a rating through comments.

And there’s even a widget that allows you to display the latest reviews and/or the most read reviews on the sidebar.

This plugin is quite popular among bloggers who are using WordPress.

Unlike the plugin mentioned above, this one works in a more simple way. It doesn’t allow you to add affiliate link nor a pros and cons list. It’s a straightforward stars rating plugin. Hence, the name.

yet another stars rating plugin review

On the other hand, if you don’t wish to use the stars symbol, you can change it to something else. The plugin has quite a number of symbols available for you to set.

This plugin also allows readers to leave their rating as well. This is a good way to increase engagements on the review post and it also makes the review post more interesting and resourceful as readers will get to see what majority of the readers think about the product instead of looking at it from the reviewer’s point of view alone.

I’m guessing this is why the plugin is popular among bloggers.

But of course, you can disable the feature of allowing readers to leave their ratings. It’s totally up to you.

WP Review’s rating system works very much like the rating system my WordPress theme has. It allows you to choose between stars, percentages, and points. Even the way it looks is pretty much the same.

You can edit the colors to match your WordPress theme’s colors too!

What’s different about the rating system this plugin adds compared to mine is that it allows readers to leave their rating similar to the plugins mentioned above. On top of that, it also allows you to adjust the position of the rating; before content or after content.

If you ask me, compared to all the plugins above, I prefer using this one as it looks more advanced, neat, allows readers to rate, includes a tabbed widget to display recent reviews + popular reviews on the sidebar, and offers more customization options. It also looks cooler.

But this list is not over yet. I might change my mind on which one I prefer the most. So, keep reading.

Rating-Widget is a popular rating system plugin in WordPress. In my opinion, compared to the plugins listed above, this one causes a little inconvenience when it comes to setting it up. This is because upon activating the plugin, the plugin automatically adds ratings to all the posts. You will have to set it up by either having the ratings appear in certain categories or specify the post IDs one by one. Otherwise, all posts will have the rating system enabled.

On the other hand, if you want all your posts to automatically absorb the rating system, then this is the plugin to go for.

In terms of how the rating works and how it looks like, it is a twin brother or sister of the Yasr – Yet Another Star Rating plugin which is mentioned at the second spot on this list. And yes, this one also does not allow you to add an affiliate link or a pros and cons list.

On the bright side, this plugin has a widget that allows you to display the top rated reviews on the sidebar.

Now, you might be wondering, why on earth am I suggesting a plugin that adds custom Gutenberg blocks.

Well, that’s because this plugin adds a Review Block in the Gutenberg Editor. This Review Block adds the rating system into the post when you make use of the block.

Quite cool isn’t it?

You can also edit the colors to match your WordPress theme colors and you can include an affiliate link as well.

If you think this Review Block does not reflect the ratings in search engines, you are wrong. It very much does.

And if you think this plugin clutters your Gutenberg Editor with blocks that you don’t need, once again you are wrong. You can easily remove all the blocks it adds and only remain the Review Block. This can be done via the plugin’s settings page.

The simplicity of using this plugin to add a rating system and the way it blends in with the Gutenberg Editor just made me prefer this plugin above all.


The plugins listed above are free to use. However, if you feel the need of spending for a good rating system plugin, this is it. This plugin is priced at $28 and it is the best selling rating system plugin in CodeCanyon.

In terms of how it works, it’s very similar to the way the plugin at the top of this list works. You can display the pros and cons, add affiliate link (this plugin allows you to add two affiliate links), allow readers to leave their rating through comments (this plugin allows readers to upload image(s) together with their rating), and customize its overall appearance.

The best part about it is that there are 8 themes for you to choose from. Each and every theme has a unique way of displaying the ratings and has unique designs.

Other than that, this plugin allows you to enable Google reCAPTCHA for readers leaving a review to avoid spamming and there is a widget which allows you to display the reviews on the sidebar based on various sorting options.