5 Best Product Add-On Plugins for WooCommerce in 2019

Product add-on is usually confused with a variable product in WooCommerce. Yes, they both allow you to add options to a product and they both allow you to add an extra fee for the options, but, a variable product cannot go to an extent where you add checkboxes or a custom text input field as an option for a product.

Another noticeable difference between the two is that the product add-on is a feature that can only be obtained via a plugin. This feature is not built-in WooCommerce unlike the variable product.

With the following product add-on plugins, you will discover more about product add-on and you will also discover the many ways it differs from a variable product.

Product Add-Ons by WooCommerce

This product add-on plugin is developed by the people who develop WooCommerce. So, you can confidently bet that every bit of this plugin works in favor of a WooCommerce store.

Priced at $49, this plugin allows you to create add-ons on a per product basis or create add-ons and enable it for all the products in your store. What’s interesting is that the add-ons it allows you to create. For instance, you can create a multiple choice add-on which basically displays a list of options for shoppers to select, you can create a name your price add-on which displays a field where shoppers can name their price – this is particularly useful if you are running an auction or a donation campaign, you can add a file uploading option for shoppers to upload a file from the front-end and you can even add a text field where shoppers can either input letters, numbers or both or an email address.

woocommerce upload image

The best part about this add-ons is that you can set your own rules for it. For example, if you want to charge a price for the add-on selected, you can do so. And yes, this price can also be called on the other add-on types such as file upload, text field and etc. The price can be fixed, quantity based or percentage based.

Other rules include having a few different types of add-ons on a single product page and having the add-ons to be required to be selected.

Based on the above, product add-ons basically allows you to sell products which can be customized from head-to-toe. An example of a product would be, build your own pizza.

WooCommerce PPOM

If you don’t plan to pay for a WooCommerce plugin in order to have the feature onboard, you should consider this plugin.

The differences between the two is that this one does not allow you to create the name your price or an upload file add-on. It also does not allow you to set the add-on price based on quantity or percentage.

But that’s not all the difference. This plugin also has some features which the plugin above does not have. For example, it has conditional logic, tooltip, and the add-on prices are displayed in a panel that will guarantee to not confuse the shoppers.

The plugin also has a pro version which will cost you $30.

The pro version has a color picker and color palette which allows you to display colors for the product add-on that involves colors.

Color picker
Color palette

Remember I said that the file upload feature add-on does not come with this plugin? Well, it comes with the pro version.

Other than that, it also comes with date range and price matrix – this is useful if you are selling products in bulk.

YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons

This product add-on plugin by YITH is very similar to the plugin developed by WooCommerce. But, it’s a little better. Sorry, WooCommerce. I had to say it.

It’s better in a way that there is a conditional logic and there is tooltip.

Unfortunately, the price to pay is not better. It’s priced at 74 Euros.

WooCommerce Extra Product Options

This is another take on the product add-on plugin. It is developed by Theme Complete and it’s every bit as good as the product add-on plugins developed by YITH and WooCommerce.

It comes with all the necessaries.

But, this plugin can do a little more. For example, you can have the product add-on options appear anywhere in your WooCommerce store via a shortcode. And you can even have the options to be displayed based on the user roles.

WooCommerce Product Addons by Acowebs

This is another free product add-on plugin for WooCommerce similar to WooCommerce PPOM. However, I can assure you that WooCommerce PPOM is a much better option due to the fact that this plugin does not allow you to set a price for the add-ons.

On the bright side, this plugin actually has a neat product add-on builder. It allows you to easily build the product add-ons in a drag and drop method.

Other than that, the product add-on options which it allows you to add is quite complete. There’s the text field, radio buttons, color picker and so on.

The plugin also has a pro version. The pro version is the one which allows you to implement a price on the add-ons. The price can be a fixed value, the percentage value of the product base price or based on a custom formula.

Besides implementing a price, the pro version also allows you to do a bunch of other stuff such as conditional logic, time picker, tooltip, and location selector.


The product add-on plugin allows you to create a variable product in a more advanced way. On top of that, it can also be used to create a fully customizable product or it can be used to create a special type of product.