The Best Questions & Answers WordPress Themes

Creating a questions and answers section in WordPress is easy. In fact, it’s also free.

You can make use of a plugin such as DW Question & Answer to add a question and answering system into your WordPress website at zero cost.

However, if you want your WordPress website to have that overall look and feel of a questions and answers website such as Quora, Stack Overflow or Yahoo Answers, then you will need a WordPress theme for it.

Unfortunately for you, most reliable questions and answers WordPress theme out there are not free. You will need to crack your wallet open. If you have a purse, then, you will need to zip it open.

Here are the best questions and answers WordPress themes.

Note: All WordPress themes listed below are well-optimized for SEO. Each and every questions and answers that are published with any of the themes can be crawled by search engine bots.


Developed by 2code Themes, Discy is a complete questions and answers WordPress theme which have been designed with both functionality and design in mind.

With this theme you get all the functions needed to operate a full-featured questions and answers community such as a detailed questions homepage which lists down all the recently asked questions, most answered questions, most voted questions, trending questions and etc. On top of that, there’s also poll functionality which allows users to create a poll questions.

In terms of answering point of view, users will be able to submit an answer as a guest, or they can also sign up and leave an answer. It works both ways. But signing up allows the users to do more such as to receive points for answers that are useful and receive badges if the user has exceeded a certain number of points.

Other than that, users are able to vote on questions and answers. Users are able to follow each other. And users are also able to ask a question to another user personally.

Another interesting thing about this theme is that it has Question Types; In Process, Closed and Answered. These Question Types are used to tell if a question is still in the process of being answered, no longer needed to be answered or has been answered.

In an administrators point of view, you get a bird’s-eye view on everything that is happening on the site. You get to moderate questions and answers in case if any are reported by users, you get to set the badge system accordingly, you get to adjust the colors, you get to pin a question at the top for more exposure and etc.

The damage: $59

Ask Me

Brought to you by the same theme developers as Discy, Ask Me is a professional questions and answers WordPress theme. Discy, on the other hand, is leaning more towards the social side due to its layout, colors, and buttons.

If you ask me, I would say that Discy is suitable for more casual questions and answers such as Quora or Yahoo Answers. Ask Me is more suitable for professional sort of questions and answers such as questions and answers that are related to a specific field; gardening, coding, programming, law, medical and etc.

This is because the colors used in Ask Me are quite simple and the layout + fonts seems more bold. You will agree with me too if you check out the demo version of it. If you don’t agree with me, then I might be wrong.

Ask Me comes with seven pre-defined homepage layouts. Each and every layout has different types of header. The questions and answers section on the other hand remains the same.

Speaking about the questions and answers section, the functionality is neck and neck with Discy. I’m guessing the theme developer has just developed a unique layout for the theme but remaining the questions and answers system. It’s like two cars with different bodies but with the same engine.

So, you can pretty much expect the same voting capability, badge and point system, poll functionality and etc. Even the administrating is about the same.

What’s unique about this theme in terms of features and functionalities is the Pay To Ask feature. When this feature is enabled, the users will be required to make a payment via PayPal in order to ask a question.

The damage: $59