How to remind customers who have unpaid order in WooCommerce

When it comes to the time for customers to make a payment for a particular order, it’s not always that the customer¬†will remember in making the payment. Years back, reminders are set to late paying customers by sending mails to their house. Now, it’s all e-mails (since things are moving in a fast pace).

There is another method of reminding your customers and it’s through Payment Reminder (Only if you are using WooCommerce).

The plugin is developed by mbcreation who belongs to the Elite Author group in ThemeForest. It has received more than 600 sales and 4.77 rating out of 5.

In terms of usability, the plugin is easy to configure (the typical Download, Install and Activate). Then it adds “Send Reminder” button in the order listing screen for on-hold orders and “Payment reminder email” template which you can customise in the default WooCommerce email settings screen.

You are also able to send reminder to your customers in bulk.

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