10 Restaurant WordPress Themes with the Best Food Menu

Are you looking for a WordPress theme for a restaurant website? If you are, then you should know that the WordPress theme should include a restaurant menu to match the concept of your restaurant.

If you serve Mexican food but the menu is designed for Indian food, the restaurant website will not be relevant at all. Which is why you should find a restaurant WordPress theme with a restaurant menu that goes along well with the food you serve.

The following list might contribute to your findings.

Note: The following list is not arranged in any particular order.

The Restaurant

The Restaurant is a WordPress theme that is suitable for high-end restaurants. It is also suitable for those dual type of restaurants such as restaurant and bars.

This is because the menu has been designed for such establishments in mind. Of course, the other parts of the theme is also designed for such establishments in mind. But for this post, I’m more focused in the restaurant menu.

the restaurant wordpress theme

In other words, if you get the restaurant menu right, you get the restaurant website right.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the menu has a simple design with a light font. It can easily be slide from left to right in order to flip to the other sections of the menu.

Grand Restaurant

Grand Restaurant is a WordPress theme which comes with five different menu styles. Menu mixed, menu classic, menu grid, menu grid image, and menu parallax.

All the menus are well designed and in my opinion, they are designed to fit gourmet restaurants. The one I personally like is the menu grid image. The menu items are displayed in a grid with images and the information about the item will only be displayed if you hover your cursor on it.

grand restaurant wordpress theme

Other than that, this theme has seven homepage examples. Each homepage examples has a different touch to it which can be suited for various gourmet cuisines.


One look at this theme and you will come to agree with me that it is suitable for high-end cafes. But of course, it can also be used for fine dining restaurants or even a bistro. It really depends on how you see it.

The food menu that is designed for this theme is quite clean which only consist of the food image, food name, food label (vegetarian, spicy, etc) and food price. And there are some borders to make those stuff align well.

linguini wordpress theme

This design also makes the menu extremely lightweight as there are no additional javascript for the theme to load. As a result, hungry customers can load and view the menu in a split-second.

White Rock

This WordPress theme belongs to a winery which has a restaurant tucked in it. It has designed which such restaurant in mind.

In other words, it’s sophisticated. Even the menu looks sophisticated. Although, it looks plain at the same time. I’m guessing that’s how the food in such restaurants taste like. I could be wrong.

white rock wordpress theme

This menu is also extremely lightweight similar to Linguini’s.


Nothing defines this LemonChili WordPress theme better than an outdoor dining restaurant. Anyone that lands on the website will immediately come to the realization that the restaurant has an outdoor sitting area which faces a nice view.

In terms of the food menu, this theme has three types; a food menu with a single column, two columns and three columns with images.

Personally, I prefer the one with the images. It just makes the restaurant website more lively than it already is.

lemonchili wordpress theme


Nuvo is one of the WordPress theme with many faces. It can be used for a modern restaurant, a cafe, a dessert-focused restaurant, a bistro, a lounge bar or even for a fine dining restaurant.

This is because it comes with quite an array of customization options.

However, one thing remains the same. And that is the food menu.

Nuvo has four types of food menu; food menu with a single column, food menu with two columns, food menu with two columns image layout and food menu with single column image layout. To simplify it, there is a food menu with no images and there is a food menu with images. You be the boss and choose the one that tickles your tastebuds.

nuvo wordpress theme

What I like about this food menu is that it allows food labelling such as vegetarian, contains nuts, spicy and etc.


When you use this WordPress theme for your restaurant, it gives a vibe that you take food seriously. The Michelin star serious.

It even comes with a Michelin star badge which you can plaster at the footer of the theme or anywhere you think suitable.

The food menu also doesn’t say much. Straightforward and just wordings.

berg wordpress theme


You know those restaurants which celebrities normally go to? Barnelli is the website version of it.

It is simple, stylish and elegant. Just like most celebrities.

No matter what the restaurant serves, if top celebrities go and dine there, this theme will work hand in hand.

But of course, it can also be used for a fine dining restaurant with a carefully planned menu. No bullshits.

barnelli wordpress theme

Food Truck & Restaurant

Food trucks. They are the saviour of working class men and women from having to deal with unpleasant waiters and waitresses.

Straight from the hot griddle to their hands.

This WordPress theme is dedicated for it. It has 20 different homepage examples that caters for the different types of food trucks. There is one for a kebab food truck, there is one for a sandwich food truck, there is one for a sushi food truck and many more.

The best part about it is that even if the food truck has outgrown the food truck and moved into a restaurant, this theme can still remain control of the online presence.

The menu is also quite entertaining as the food truck itself.

food truck wordpress theme


Piquant is a WordPress theme for western restaurants and cafes.

It can also be used for non-western restaurants too. But, you got to live up to the theme’s design as it’s really quite bold.

In other words, if the restaurant or cafe which you are running is bold and you want to make a statement in the online world, this is the theme.

There are five different types of menu available with it. Standard list, menu gallery, gallery & list combo, list with image and single menu item.

Unlike the other food menu in this list, the menu item with this food menu can be clicked. When clicked, the customer will be redirected to the single menu item page where he or she will be able to view more details about the menu item such as the prep time, calories, ingredients, and the cooking directions.

piquant wordpress theme

It’s sort of like giving away the recipe. But, we all know they won’t taste the same. Home cooked food and restaurant cooked food are two different things and feelings. This feature is just sort of being transparent to the customer.

If you don’t like it, you can disable it and display the menu only for ordering.

piquant restaurant wordpress theme menu
This is the menu gallery

Which restaurant WordPress theme has the menu design you are looking for?