The simple definition of web hosting (web server)

A web hosting (it can also known as web server) might sound complicated if you are learning to build your own website. Well, it’s actually not that complicated if it is explained by us (we keep it simple and we keep it real).

In simple terms, web hosting is where you store your website files on the internet.

Let’s look at it at a different angle so that you can understand better

Website host are companies that house, serve and maintain files for one or more websites. Think of a website hosting company as a shopping mall that contains several individual stores.

If you would like to open a store of your own in the shopping mall, you can lease a space and set up your store.

Just like a shopping mall, website hosting companies allows you to lease space on their web servers where you can store your website’s files and make them available for your visitors to view.

Here’s an image that explains how a web hosting displays a content/website on the internet to you

Based on the image above, before a particular website that you searched for is displayed to you, your computer’s browser will send a request to the website’s web server. And the web server will receive the request from your computer’s browser.

The web server will then respond to the request and sends all the contents that you are looking for from the website to your computer’s browser. And that’s how you are able to view the contents of the website.

All the process above happens in milliseconds.