How to Allow Users to Subscribe to Comments in WordPress

By default, the WordPress comment system is only capable of receiving comments. Other than that, users can leave a reply to the comments left by other users.

And that’s all it can do.

Some of you might find this good enough, and some of you might not find it good enough.

That said, if you belong to the group of people who find the WordPress comment system not good enough, you are most likely going to need to modify it by using the WordPress plugins which are developed to extend its functionality.

For example, if you want to allow users to be able to vote on the comments, then you are going to need the Comments Like Dislike plugin. See my tutorial here on how to set this plugin up.

On the other hand, if you want users to be able to subscribe to the comments, then you are going need the Subscribe To Comments Reloaded plugin. For this post, I will show you how to set this plugin up.

But of course, there are plenty more other plugins to enhance the comment system. For example, there’s the Simple Comment Editing plugin which allows users to edit their comments. And there’s the Google Captcha plugin which integrates the Google reCAPTCHA security service into the comment system to combat spam. I will share with you on how to set these plugins up later on when time is on my side.

Meanwhile, let’s focus on how to get users to subscribe to the comments in WordPress.

Why should you allow users to subscribe to the comments

There are many types of users who leave a comment. Some leave a comment for fun and some leave a comment to get a genuine response from other users. And there are some who just want to be a spectator of the discussion that’s taking place.

Allowing users to subscribe to the comment in WordPress basically makes things easier for those commenters who are looking forward to a genuine response and it also makes things easier for the spectators. For the commenters who are looking forward to a response, they don’t need to visit the blog post often to check whether the comment has been responded or otherwise. They will receive an email when their comment has been responded. And for the spectators, they can just sit back and watch the comment notifications flow into their email.

How to set up the plugin

As usual, you will first need to install and activate it to your WordPress blog or website.

After activating it, the plugin will automatically add the subscription checkbox in the WordPress comment form. See the screenshot below for your reference:

Users will already be able to subscribe to the comments in your WordPress website or blog.

You can also further set the plugin up.

For example, you can have the subscription checkbox to be checked by default. This can be done under the plugin’s Comment Form settings page.

Here you can also edit the checkbox label and other labels.

On top of that, you can manage the subscriptions under the Manage Subscriptions page.

Here you will be able to see the names of the users who have subscribed to the comments and which comments they subscribed to. You are also able to see their email address.

The best part is that you can collect the email addresses and add it to your email list for marketing stuff.

Other than that, you can manage the notification emails that are sent out under Notifications. And you can manage the contents of the manage subscription page under the Management Page.

That’s everything you need to know about setting up this plugin.