The Best Table Plugins for WordPress

The Gutenberg Editor has a Table Block which can be used to add a table into a post. In other words, there is really no need for a separate table plugin in order to add tables.

It’s very easy to add a table using the Table Block. Simply add the Table Block and followed by specifying the columns and rows which you think the table should have. See the following GIF animation for your reference:

table block gutenberg editor

Cool right?

However, there are things the Table Block is not able to do.

For example, it is not able to add a column headings and row headings.

If you think such missing features prevents you from using the Table Block, then you are going to need a plugin to do the job.

The following are my personal table plugin selections.

TablePress is the most popular table plugin in WordPress. This is because it’s free to use and it is packed with useful table features such as column headings, sorting options, pagination, and even search filter.

On top of that, TablePress provides an easy spreadsheet-like interface so that you can create and edit the table just like how you do it in Microsoft Excel. The best part about the spreadsheet-like interface is that you are able to drag and drop the rows and columns to readjust the whole table structure in case if anything went wrong while you are in the midst of filling in the tables.

Speaking of Microsoft Excel, it also allows you to import or export tables from/to Microsoft Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON files.

And the tables can easily be added to a post or page using a simple shortcode.

Ninja Tables is another popular option in the WordPress community. Compared to TablePress, this one has more customization options.

I’m guessing that people chose TablePress over this is because of the simplicity TablePress has to offer.

But either way, if you are looking for a table plugin that allows you to fully customize it, this is the one to go for. It allows you to customize the color of the table, customize the styling of the table, add images to the table and much more.

You can even drag and drop the rows and columns the way TablePress could.

Other than that, there’s also an advance breaking down feature which allows you to show or hide certain columns or rows from appearing in certain devices.

The only unfortunate thing about this plugin is that you are not able to import or export a table from or to Microsoft Excel. But, you can import or export a table from or to CSV or JSON file. And also, you can import existing tables from other table plugins such as TablePress and Data Tables Generator by Supsystic.

Speak of the devil.

Now, if you have always dreamed of creating a table in WordPress the way you create it in Microsoft Excel, this plugin will cater you that experience.

If you are feeling too tired already by reading this lengthy post, then the video below will explain to you what this plugin is capable of. No reading required. Just watch.

If you are more to a reading person, then let me explain to you it’s power.

This plugin has a table adding environment that’s very similar to Microsoft Excel. You can add a table of figures and transform them into diagrams or charts. You can add formulas. You can add links, images, audio and video files. You can have a row or a column combined.

On top of all that, it has all the features the other two plugins has to offer.

In other words, this is sort of like the master of them all.

However, the WordPress community prefers the other two plugins more compared to this one. I’m guessing it’s because it takes a little time to understand how it works.

But you can rest assured that you will have a good time creating high quality and in-depth tables if you understand how this table plugin works.

In terms of importing and exporting the tables, this plugin works with PDF, Microsoft Excel, and CSV.


All the table plugins listed above are free of charge. But, if you have the money to spend on a table plugin, this is the one you should get. It is priced at $59 and it’s worth every bit.

In fact, it’s the most popular paid table plugin in WordPress with more than 21,000 purchasers.

In terms of how it works, let’s just say it’s a more advanced version of the Data Tables Generator by Supsystic plugin mentioned above. More advance in terms of the ability to have the tables edited from the front-end, better-looking charts, and better filters and search feature which is capable of narrowing down table results quicker and more refined.

Other than that, there’s Conditional Formatting. This feature allows you to highlight certain cells, rows or columns in a particular table.

The plugin also allows you to import and export table data from and to Excel, Google Spreadsheet, MySQL, and CSV.

And it’s also capable of handling datasets that have millions of rows.

In conclusion, this is the plugin to get if you are really serious about your tables in WordPress.