The Aisle – A Multipurpose Wedding WordPress Theme

In my opinion, the newer WordPress themes that are being developed nowadays are much nicer to see. I’m not saying that old WordPress themes don’t look good, I’m saying that they lack that ‘new feel’.

You know when you go to the Apple store and you see the typical devices on display and when there is a new device announced, you are more excited to go into the store and see for yourself for what it is. That’s what I meant by newer WordPress themes are nicer to see.

As a WordPress theme enthusiast who has been closely paying attention to the WordPress theme industry for more than 3 years now, I can also say that some newly developed WordPress themes have more advanced features compared to existing WordPress themes.

One good example would be The Aisle. The Aisle is a wedding WordPress theme which can be used for many wedding reasons. For example, it can be used by a wedding planner to do wedding planning business, it can be used to receive wedding invitations, it can be used to make a wedding announcement and so on. It’s a multi-purpose wedding WordPress theme.

wedding wordpress theme

This theme was published in January 2019 which sort of makes it belongs in the same league as the new WordPress themes. But of course, not all new WordPress themes are reliable. Fortunately for you, I have personally gone through the theme to see if everything checks. And yes, the developer, Elated-Theme, is a top-notch WordPress theme developer and the theme was last updated on the 18th of April 2019. On top of that, the theme also received 5-star ratings based on three verified users.

Design wise, this theme has been set to look modern. At the same time, it also has a lovely vibe to it which perfectly complements a wedding theme. In my opinion, I think the lovely vibe comes from the fonts, colors and the patterns used in the theme.

In terms of features, this theme is full of them.

First of all, I like how the features blend in very well with the theme’s design. It almost seems like the features and the theme’s layout are one. But in fact, they are from two separate universes. In terms of what the features are about, there is a feature to display the RSVP form, there is a feature to display the bridesmaids and groomsmen and there’s even a pricing table feature – this is useful if you are using the theme for a wedding planning website.

Other than that, there’s a countdown feature that allows you to have a countdown timer to appear anywhere on the theme to countdown to the big event.

Wedding and photos go along very well. And the developer of this theme also agrees. The Aisle comes with four different types of photography gallery for you to choose from. And you can also force layouts and hover effects on the gallery.

There are just too many features available with this theme and if I share with you every single one of them, I’m afraid that I’m going to need all your time for today. So, I’m going to stop elaborating on the features and move on to the other aspects of the theme. But before we proceed, you should know that the above are the main features of the theme – the other features are not so big of a deal.

That said, this theme also has some readymade page templates in case if you are not handy in building your own pages using the drag and drop builder. For example, there’s a gift registry page template, there is an RSVP page template, there is an accommodation page template and a handful more.

Rejoice wedding planners! This theme is designed to work with WooCommerce. In other words, you can sell or rent wedding dresses and other wedding related products using this theme.

Last but not least, I would like to touch on the theme’s intuitive admin panel. This admin panel works like a flight deck or also known as a cockpit. From here you can control the colors of the theme, control the typography of the theme, and even import the readymade pages and layouts of the theme.

All the above sounds like pouring yourself a glass of wine. I’m not sure if it still sounds like pouring yourself a glass of wine if I say that the price to pay is $59. But in my opinion, the price is absolutely worth it. This is because it can be used not only for one weddings, it can be used over and over again for many. If your friends have a wedding coming up, you can use it. Or, if your friends distant relative is having a wedding, you can also use it. You can really make the most out of it.

And if you are a wedding planner, knock yourself out and make millions of profits out of it if you are willing. It is fully capable.

For more information about The Aisle, head over to the theme’s official page.