The best WordPress plugin for event purposes in the first quarter of 2017

In this new technological age, there are many types of events that emerge from out of the blue. It’s not just the typical festive events anymore.

Some of the weird but rather interesting events that I have come across are Mac events (gathering for Apple Mac owners), selling carpet events and even tissue box collecting. Yeap, it does sound funny, but there is such events that exists.

But I’m not here to judge what events do you go to. I’m here to tell you that there is a cool WordPress Event Calendar plugin that will help you organise your events if you’re the kind of person that attends to lots of events or you have a WP website that organises events.

The plugin has a name and is called EventOn

Like it or not, it’s features is what a top event company would have. Here is a list of it:

  • You can choose some of the cool layouts they have got to offer
  • Yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, repeat by days, of week or custom repeat schedule can be set easily for events to repeat
  • Allows you to add event images as featured image to eventCards or eventTop rows
  • Expandable details – You can also easily display an excerpt of a particular event with faded teaser animation
  • Location map and directions enabled which allows you to display event locations and directions of the particular event
  • Create events that last more than one day — HOMEMADE BURNING MAN!
  • Allows your user to add events to their google calendar or download. ics to add to iCal and outlook
  • Separate your events in categories
  • Allow visitors to easily filter and sort the event types and categories as they prefer
  • Cool user interaction for EventOn – as it also allows users to interact with your event plugin by opening it as slide down, inpage lightbox, single event page or do nothing
  • Differentiate the events by adding some colours to it so that users will see it clearly on what is what
  • If there are many events going on, users will be able to check out the map and see all the events that is taking place in the map
  • Featured events is also possible – you can choose which event should stand out by featuring them one by one
  • Hide or delete past event

Here’s a screenshot on how it looks like

Here’s how the settings dashboard of EventOn looks like

More info and demo