The Best WordPress Themes For A Movies And TV Shows Database Site

Are you planning to create a movies and tv shows database site with WordPress? If you are, the following WordPress themes will make your site look like a proper movies and tv shows database site.


This is our first choice simply because it comes with an additional feature which is the celebrity profile page.

On top of that, it’s also $35 cheaper compared to the following theme listed below.

You can also read our full review on this theme here – The ideal WordPress theme for a movies and tv shows database site


DooPlay is another great option. Although it’s a little pricey, it still works to serve a movie and tv show database site the way it should.

As mentioned earlier, the only difference about this theme is that it does not have a celebrity profile page. Other than that, both themes are very similar in the way they work.


Choosing between the two themes above is a matter of which theme’s design appeals you the most and how much you are willing to spend ($55 or $90?).