Here are the things that you should do right after installing WordPress

If you are new to WordPress, you might feel the same way as the first time you start driving a car. In other words, you don’t know what you are doing but it’s working.

Well, we will be the driving instructor here for you. Once you have started your engine (which is another term of saying, once you have installed WordPress to your website), here are the things that you should do right away to get things moving the way it should.

#1 Remove default post, page and comment

This post guides you on how to remove the default post, page and comment in your new WordPress website.

The default contents serve no purpose and it’s best if you delete them.

#2 Edit your WordPress website’s title and tagline

Your WordPress website’s title and tagline is one of the main thing that you should immediately edit. This is simply because the title and tagline is what defines your website; what is the name of your website and what is the title of your website.

#3 Edit default widgets on sidebar

By default, your WordPress website comes with a sidebar and widgets that are preset like; Search, Archives, Recent Posts, Recent Comments and Categories Widgets.

It’s best if you remove it and replace it with the widgets that you actually need.

#4 Change the permalink structure

A permalink is also known as permanent link. This is what users enter into their browser address bar to go to a specific page in your website.

Setting this up will make it easy for your users to remember the link to the pages on your website and also make the links of your website more SEO-friendly.

#5 Change the theme/the layout

Changing the theme for your WordPress website is like changing your clothes for an event. For instance, if the event that you are attending to is a funeral, then you will need to wear black.

Same goes to changing the theme for your WordPress website. If your website is about a blog, then you will need a blogging theme to go with it.

#6 Set the front page

By default, the front page of your WordPress website displays the latest post which makes it look like a blog. This is not a bad thing.

However, this is not something that you might want if you want the front page of your WordPress website to display something else.

#7 Create posts and pages

Creating posts and pages is something that you should master if you have a website because an informative and useful website is usually about the quality contents. Thankfully, you can easily master this process with WordPress and you will be able to create posts and pages in no time.

#8 Set the navigation bar/menu

The navigation bar can be said as the signboards in the real world. Without proper navigations, your users will have a tough time navigating around the contents of your website.

#9 Create an email address using your domain name

Having an email address with your domain name will look more professional in your users eyes compared to a personal email address.

For example, is better and looks more professional compared to

#10 Create and add a contact form

Adding a contact form to your website is one of the ways to allow your users to contact you without troubling them to look for the email address in your website and personally emailing you.

#11 Setup Akismet plugin (a free plugin to protect your WordPress website from spam comments)

This is a plugin that has a unique algorithm which filters spam comments that your WordPress website receives.

A WordPress website typically receives tonnes of spam comments and it’s troublesome and time consuming for you to go through one by one and deleting them. Having this plugin installed means that those spam comments will be automatically removed which saves you time and allow you to focus on creating contents for your website.

#12 Create a logo

A logo is the face and brand of your WordPress website.

And with our way of creating a logo, you don’t need to hire yourself a designer. It’s free and effective.

#13 Add social sharing buttons to posts and pages

Adding social sharing buttons to your WordPress posts and pages will help improve traffic to your website. This is because your readers will be able to easily engage on the contents of your website by sharing them on social media platforms using the social sharing buttons.

#14 Integrate Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a tool which you need to have if you have a website live on the internet. It helps you track the visitors of your website with full detail such as where they are from, how they find your website, how long they stay in your website and more.

#15 Integrate Google Webmaster Tools 

Google Webmaster tools are a set of tools that Google offers for free to allow you as a website owner to have an overview look on the keywords that are ranking on Google’s search engine for your website. Other than that, you also get to see the impressions that you receive for each and every keyword, the number of clicks you receive for the keywords and the position of the keywords on Google’s search engine.