Tidio Live Chat, A Simple And Fully Capable Live Chat Plugin For WordPress

If you are operating an online store or an online business, then you should know that timing plays a crucial role in the operation. This is because most online customers are in the rush to purchase something. If the customer does not get the information needed on the item that he or she wants to purchase right then and there, you as the business owner will lose the sale.

Which is why most online businesses are beginning to adopt the live chat feature.

Adding live chat to an online business allows a potential customer to easily get in touch with a sales representative on the spot. This way the potential customer will be able to get insights on the item on the spot which further increases the possibilities of him or her purchasing the item on the spot as well.

Having that said, if your online business is powered by WordPress, we recommend you to use Tidio Live Chat to add the live chat feature to your website.

Tidio Live Chat is a plugin that provides live chat service which allows you to easily communicate with your potential customers and as well as existing customers. The plugin is free to use.

What we like about it

The first thing that got our attention when we tested out the plugin is it’s simplicity of setting up.

There are no any API integrations needed and there also isn’t any long and tormenting registration processes.

All that is needed is your email address and password which you will be required to sign up within the WordPress admin panel. This is to authenticate that you are the owner of the website.

After the sign up process, you will be redirected to Tidio Live Chat’s panel in a new window where you can begin making changes to the appearance of the live chat box in your website, add more operators (up to 3 operators can be added for the free version of the plugin) to manage incoming messages from customers and you can even chat with your customers using the panel. In fact, it’s the only place where Tidio recommends you chatting with your customers as it allows you to run your online business in a more organised manner.

On the other hand, the plugin also automatically adds a chat icon on the front-end of your website. It is located on the bottom right hand corner of the screen like this:

And here’s an example on how the chat box looks like:

As you can see above, the chat box looks pretty good and intuitive. The colour of it can also be adjusted to match the appearance of the website.

There is email integration too

The email integration feature allows you to integrate services such as MailChimp, AgileCRM, Salesforce and more so that you can easily collect email addresses from the chat box.

Chat with customers using the Android or iOS app by Tidio

There is an Android and iOS app available where you can install it on your respective smartphone and begin chatting with your customers from anywhere. But of course the Tidio web panel is also responsive which means that you don’t necessarily need to install the app.

And there’s plenty more of features with this plugin that makes it a very capable live chat plugin in WordPress.

So if you ever find yourself needing a live chat plugin for your WordPress website to drive sales, this can’t go wrong.