12 Unique WooCommerce Plugins Developed By YITH

YITH is one of the best WooCommerce plugin developers which exist in this century.

They have plenty of plugins up for sale which can really boost the performance of a WooCommerce store in terms of conversion. And they also have plugins which can improve UX. And many more other plugins which will leave you questioning.

As of writing, YITH has 114 WooCommerce plugins. They all serve a good purpose and meant no harm to a WooCommerce store.

Here I’ve decided to compile a list of WooCommerce plugins from their collection, which I find unique.

1. YITH Product Description in Loop

This plugin allows you to add a custom description on individual products to be displayed on the Shop page, category page and search results page.

Purpose of this plugin: To help increase the exposure of a particular product.

Customization options: Increase/decrease the font size, customize the color and define the description position; before product title, after product title, etc.

2. YITH Cost of Goods

This plugin allows you to add the cost price of the product in the WooCommerce product data section.

This cost price will also reflect in the WooCommerce Reports along with the total cost price and total profit. That’s right, the total cost price and total profit are calculated automatically based on total sales.

Purpose of this plugin: To help you keep track of the cost without leaving the admin area. And also to help produce a more detailed report.

Customization options: Include/exclude shipping cost, tax and fees into/from total cost.

3. YITH Desktop Notifications

This plugin allows you to receive real-time desktop notifications for the following reasons:

  • A new order is placed
  • An order is refunded
  • A new product is sold
  • A product goes out of stock
  • An order is switched to another status

Purpose of this plugin: To help you stay updated in real-time.

Customization options: Select which reasons you want to activate desktop notifications for, select which user roles you want to activate desktop notifications for, customize the notification message, set the notification duration, set the sound and icon for the notification.

4. YITH Title Bar Effects

This plugin allows you to add animation effects to the product browser tab of your WooCommerce store.

Purpose of this plugin: To catch shoppers attention if they have many browser tabs opened.

Customization options: Choose the animation to use from three different types; typing, scrolling, and intermittence. Set the animation speed and replace the default product title with a custom text.

5. YITH Best Price Guaranteed

This plugin allows shoppers to inform you that they have found a similar product elsewhere with a lower price. As a result, you get to lower down the price of the product too in order to stay competitive in the market and at the same time, complete the sale.

The plugin adds a link on the product page and as well as the Shop page which allows shoppers to click on it.

When clicked, a popup will appear containing fields where they can type in their email address, the website details where the price is set lower than yours, type in the price and other details.

Purpose of this plugin: To guarantee shoppers that you offer the best and the lowest price.

Customization options: Edit the text of the link, edit the popup title, edit the colors of the popup, edit the email layout which will be sent to inform the shopper about the lowered price.

6. YITH Pre-order

This plugin allows you to set up a product which can be pre-ordered.

You can define the date and time for when the product will be available for sale and allow shoppers to pre-order it while it’s not available yet. It also allows you to transform out of stock products into pre-orders mode.

Purpose of this plugin: To get a rough estimate of the product quantity you need to stock up before it goes on sale. To create scarcity among shoppers.

Customization options: Set a discount or mark up the price during the pre-order period. Disable normal products from being added to cart when a pre-order product is in the cart and vice versa.

7. YITH Auctions

This plugin allows you to transform a product into an auction. You can set the start price and the reserve price of the product and get shoppers to bid on it.

It also allows you to set a fixed Buy it now price.

Purpose of this plugin: To conduct an auction in WooCommerce smoothly.

Customization options: Set the auction duration, display bidders usernames and bids on the product page and extend the time for an ongoing auction.

8. YITH Customer History

This plugin gives you access to shoppers shopping activity such as:

  • The average order value (AOV) and order history of individual shoppers
  • The search history of individual shoppers
  • The session history of individual shoppers
  • The search history of all shoppers combined
  • The session history of all shoppers combined

Purpose of this plugin: To better analyze shoppers shopping activity within the admin area itself.

Customization options: Filter out bots from the data. Import/export the data.

9. YITH Review for Discounts

This plugin allows you to gift coupons for existing shoppers who leave a review on the product which they have purchased.

You can set the terms of the coupons such as which product should be reviewed, how many reviews should be written, the coupon amount, and also set other restrictions before releasing the coupon.

You can have the coupons sent automatically after the review(s) is/are published.

Purpose of this plugin: Increase product reviews. Improve the ranking of the product in SERP (search engine results page).

Customization options: Set coupon price, validity, and restrictions. Customize the email content of which the coupon will be sent. Send automatic emails to remind the shopper to leave the review.

10. YITH One-click Checkout

This plugin adds a One-click purchase button in the product page.

The way it works is very similar to Amazon’s 1-Click ordering feature. It provides existing shoppers with an expressway to purchase a product. In other words, when the button is clicked, the shopper will be immediately brought to the payment page.

Purpose of the plugin: To provide a faster shopping option for existing shoppers.

Customization options: Hide the feature for certain products. Redirect the shopper to another page instead of the payment page (such as a custom page).

11. YITH Share for Discounts

This plugin allows you to giveaway shoppers an instant one-time discount which will be automatically applied to their cart total when they share a particular product with their friends and family via social media channels.

Purpose of the plugin: Increase product exposure.

Customization options: Set the position of the share buttons in the product page (before the title, after price, etc). Set discount amount. Enable/disable it for on-sale products.

12. YITH Coupon Email System

This plugin allows you to organize and automate the coupon giveaway process in your WooCommerce store.

It automatically sends out coupons based on seven different occasions – on shopper registration, on first purchase, on specific order threshold, on specific spent threshold, on specific product purchase, on customer birthday and on specific number of days from the last purchase.

But of course, you can decide to not send the coupons on certain occasions.

Purpose of the plugin: To organize and automate the coupons giveaway process.

Customization options: Use 4 different templates to send out the coupons.