How to Use the WordPress Software for Free

The best way to learn is by doing.

Same goes to WordPress. The best way to learn WordPress is by actually using it. Use it to add a new post, use it to add a new page, install a new theme, install a new plugin and more. Only then you will learn how it works and understand the through power it brings.

However, most people think that to use WordPress, they need to purchase a brand new domain name and a web hosting plan. As a result, a huge percentage of the people tend to avoid it once and for all.

In actual fact, WordPress can be used for free. Zero cost.

It’s only a matter of finding the ways to use it for free. And believe it or not, finding the ways is actually quite tricky.

But don’t worry, I have made what is tricky into something that requires you to be picky. This is because I have listed down some of the best ways to use WordPress for free.

Pick one of the methods below and start learning WordPress right away without sacrificing the dollars in your wallet.


000webhost is a web hosting provider. A free web hosting provider. Cool eh?

I’m pretty sure you never heard of such thing before.

It is reliable because it’s being supported by one of the top web hosting brands in the world known as Hostinger. So, you don’t have to worry about it being a scam or whatsoever.

How it works is that it allows you to install the WordPress software on a subdomain name. And you can begin using WordPress like how it is meant to be used for free.

Additionally, you also get 1GB of disk space and 10GB of bandwidth to play around with.


x10hosting is very similar to 000webhost. It’s as good, it’s as free and it’s as easy to get started.

The only problem with it though is that it is not available in some countries. In fact, only eighteen countries are able to use it’s service. The others are restricted.

So, if your country is restricted, you have no other choice but to use 000webhost’s service.

Install WordPress locally

On the other hand, if you are not in favor of using either x10hosting or 000webhost, then you should install the WordPress software locally on your computer.

If your computer is powered by Windows, see this guide here on how to do it:

If your computer is powered by Mac, see this guide here on how to do it:

And the above is every possible way to use WordPress for free.

You can get right on with it and learn how to use WordPress almost immediately.

Let me know in the comment box below which method you have decided to pick and also let me know why.