Web Hosting Providers With Quick Live Chat Support

One of the main factors that anyone should look into before signing up for a new web hosting plan is the level of live chat support a web hosting provider offers. In my opinion, there are four levels of live chat support in the web hosting industry.

The following is a breakdown of all the levels.

Level 1

No live chat support at all. These types of web hosting providers usually have a knowledge base section on the site as a replacement for the live chat support.

Level 2 

Have fixed hours live chat support. These types of web hosting providers only offer live chat support during their standard operating hours. For example; 9am – 5pm.

Level 3 

Have 24/7 live chat support but responds to requests very slow. These type of web hosting providers normally have a huge customer base but very few live chat support staffs.

Level 4

Have 24/7 live chat support and quick to respond at any time of the day. This level of live chat support is as best as it could get for any web hosting providers.

Based on the above levels of live chat support, clearly Level 4 is the option anyone should look for in a web hosting provider.

The following is a list of web hosting providers that have Level 4 live chat support.

1. SiteGround

2. Bluehost

3. HostGator

4. FastComet

5. InMotion Hosting