What Is Wish List And Do You Need It In Your WooCommerce Store?

Wish list is also known as want list. It’s basically a list of items that you wish to buy but don’t have the resources to buy it now. For example, if you wish to buy a Samsung TV and a PlayStation 4 but don’t have the money to buy, then the Samsung TV and the PlayStation 4 will be a wish list.

What’s the benefit of having a wish list?

Having a wish list helps you keep track with the things that you want in your life. With it, you will easily know what to buy when you have the money.

It’s also a sort of a motivation. Knowing that you have a wish list will make you work harder in order to be able to afford those items you have in your wish list.

Wish list in WooCommerce

There are many plugins that offers the wish list feature in WooCommerce. It basically allows users to create a wish list based on the items that you sell in your WooCommerce store.

If you want to add the wish list feature in your WooCommerce store, you can see our tutorial here.

Does a WooCommerce store need a wish list feature?

Yes. But only if your online store has a lot of different items for purchasing. If your online store only has one or two item, then the wish list feature will normally be abandoned by users.

How does wish list feature help improve a WooCommerce store sales?

According to a research conducted by Baymard Institute, 58.6 percent of online shoppers are not ready to buy when browsing for items in online stores. In other words, most online shoppers are just browsing.

By adding the wish list feature, it will help users to create a wish list in your WooCommerce store. This way, the next time they visit your online store, they will know what exactly they want to get.

Not only this creates a convenience in user’s online shopping journey, it also plants the thought in their mind of where the wish list is created and when they finally have the resources to buy, they will head back to your online store to complete the purchase instead of another online store.

It basically improves the customer loyalty of your WooCommerce store.