What WooCommerce Plugins Does Gilmour.com Use?

So, I’m trying out this new type of post series which involves me observing the already established WooCommerce stores to see the types of plugins they use to get the store to work the way they want.

I’m not sure if this is something you guys would be interested in, but, I’m going to give it a try anyway. If it receives good feedbacks, I’m going to continue this post series. Otherwise, I’ll move on with other stuff.

For this first post series, I will be observing Gilmour.com.

Gilmour.com is one of the oldest gardening brands based in the United States that sells reliable and precise watering tools.

The plugins that are used by Gilmour.com are as follows:

Now, let’s observed how this plugins are used in the store.


When setting up a WooCommerce store, one of the things which you gotta sit and think thoroughly is the type of payment processors you are going to opt for.

Most established payment processors nowadays are safe, easy and accept most credit card companies.

So, it doesn’t really matter which payment processors you opt for, but, when it comes to WooCommerce, only a few of them are set to work alongside each other. And Authorize.Net is one of them.

It allows shoppers to input credit card details and make the payment within the store.

Credit card payment method at Gilmour.com

I’m guessing this is one of the reasons Gilmour.com chose Authorize.Net.

Other reasons, I think it’s because it also allows shoppers to save their payment method for an easier checkout process in the future.

More info about the plugin

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro

The default WooCommerce product review feature works the way it should be. And it can even be further configured under the Products Settings section in WooCommerce.

For example, you can only allow shoppers who have purchased the product to leave a review. You can enable or disable star ratings on reviews and etc.

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro extends it’s capabilities. It allows shoppers to upload images of the product while reviewing it. This makes the review section look more real. It also gives the impression that the review is legit.

Of course, there’s more than just that. WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro can do the following too:

  • Allow shoppers to filter reviews by rating
  • Allow shoppers to sort reviews by the most helpful ones
  • Allow shoppers to flag reviews that need to be moderated
  • Allow shoppers to subscribe to a review in order to receive email notifications whenever a comment is placed on the review

While I was going through the reviews section in Gilmour.com, I could not find any products with an active review section to screenshot for this post. But, for your imagination purpose, this plugin is capable of replacing the standard WooCommerce product reviews with an Amazon-style review section.

Also, you can check out the plugin page for screenshots of the plugin’s features.

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels

This is another plugin that is installed by Gilmour.com. However, I’m not able to sight the usage of it similar to the WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro plugin above.

I’m guessing they only use this plugin when needed.

This plugin is used to add custom labels to products. You can create a label and assign it to a few products or you can create a label and assign it to a single product.

You can also add conditions to the label. For instance, you can set a label to only be displayed to products that belong in a certain category. Here is the list of conditions

  • Add a label to products in a particular category
  • Add a label to products that are on sale
  • Add a label to products that are the best selling
  • Add a label to products based on the age
  • Add a label to products based on price
  • Add a label to products based on the sale price
  • Add a label to products based on stock status
  • Add a label to products based on stock quantity
  • Add a label to products based on shipping class
  • Add a label to products based on tag
  • Add a label to products based on total sales
  • Add a label to products based on featured product

The best part about this plugin is that you can add multiple conditions in a single label. For example, you can add a label and set best selling products and on sale products as the conditions for the label. As a result to this, the label will only be displayed to products that are on sale + best selling.

More info about the plugin

WooCommerce Product Search

Now this is a plugin which comes with backing evidence provided by Gilmour.com.

It is a plugin that enhances the search functionality in WooCommerce. For example, you can inject a live search functionality to the standard WooCommerce search which displays products as the shopper types in the keywords. Sort of like the autocomplete feature in Google search engine.

woocommerce autocomplete search plugin

As you can see from the screenshot above, shoppers are also able to select options or add the product to cart directly from the search results itself. This further improves the shoppers’ shopping efficiency.

And, the plugin records all the search activities and queries by the shopper to help you discover what shoppers are searching for. This allows you to optimize your store’s offering to meet current and trending demands.

However, Gilmour.com did not have this functionality implemented in their store. The functionality which they use to add from this plugin is the live product filters function.

live product filters function gilmour.com

This live product filters function allows the WooCommerce shop page to update automatically, showing relevant and matching results on-the-go, as the shopper filters the product based on the available categories and attributes.

WooCommerce live product filters in action in Gilmour.com

Other than that, price range can also be added as one of the filters.

More info about this plugin