Why Did 1and1 Change Their Name To 1&1 IONOS

As most of you reading this would have already known, 1and1 has renamed their whole web hosting company to 1&1 IONOS. They even changed their primary domain name from 1and1.com to ionos.com.

But of course, there are reasons to why this took place. And the following are the reasons.

1. 1and1 merges with ProfitBricks

Back in 2017, 1and1’s parent company which is known as United Internet AG acquired a company called ProfitBricks. ProfitBricks is a cloud infrastructure company that is founded by Achim Weiss.

And not long ago, United Internet AG decided to merge both 1and1 and ProfitBricks.

2. As a result to the merging, 1&1 IONOS is created

According to an interview with Achim Weiss (who is also the new CEO of 1&1 IONOS), the reason for the new name is because 1and1 is no longer a regular web hosting company. Since it now also offers cloud infrastructure services, a new name seems to be a perfect fit.

3. The purpose of the merge

Previously, 1and1 has already been recognised as the largest web hosting provider in Europe. With a newly added cloud infrastructure services, not only it puts them in the map for that niche, it also makes them as the leading cloud infrastructure company in Europe.

And the merge technically makes 1&1 IONOS to be the go to place for all sort of hosting and cloud infrastructure needs in Europe.

4. The meaning behind IONOS

Achim Weiss said that the name IONOS was inspired by the word ionosphere. Ionosphere means the upper part of the earth’s atmosphere which contains a high concentration of ions and free electrons. And it’s situated in the clouds which very well relates to the new added service.