WordPress Editor Explained

The Editor user role in WordPress is the second most powerful user role in the WordPress user role system. The most powerful is the Administrator user role.

The Editor user role is normally given to an editor.

In case you are wondering what an editor is, an editor is a person who is in charge of and determines the final content of a newspaper, magazine or a book. In other words, an editor is more like a referee in a football/soccer match. He or she gets the final say on what is right and what is wrong in the content before it gets published.

An Editor in WordPress is only able to do a few things in a WordPress environment. The following are the things an Editor can do.

  • Edit profile
  • Publish a new post
  • Assign the post to a category
  • Add a new category
  • Edit or delete a category
  • Add a tag for post
  • Edit or delete a tag
  • Publish a new page
  • Edit or delete a post
  • Edit or delete a page
  • Moderate a comment
  • Post a comment

Based on the list above, it’s quite obvious that an Editor has a strong influence on the contents of a WordPress website.

When it comes to other matters of a WordPress website such as installing a plugin and installing a theme, the Editor is barred from entering the territory.