A WordPress theme that is suitable for a single real estate

It’s quite tough to come across a newly developed WP theme that caters to a single property nowadays. Authors tend to come up with property classifieds which seems a little too much if you only wish to list down only one.

Fortunately, there is a theme now for single property use. It’s called the Sopnovilla and it is currently the best that we have discovered for this purpose of use.

The theme is developed by HasTech who is one of the Elite Authors listed by ThemeForest and it was launched on the 22nd of March 2017.

The unique features that comes with Sopnovilla are as listed below:

  • Point & Click interface (This is a code-free interface that gives you control while still maintaining good design fundamentals)
  • Responsive (Layers has been designed with a new mobile friendly framework that reacts to your screen and your content)
  • Drag and Drop (Using widgets which allows you to re-order layouts quickly by simply dragging and dropping them into a new position)
  • Unique Design Bar (A powerful option panel which allows you to style all elements of your widget)
  • Preset Page Layouts (Start building your page in seconds with useful and intuitive presets that create the layout you want before you even start)
  • Automatic Image Resizing (Layers takes care of image resizing for you, taking into consideration column and screensizes for perfect optimisation)

It’s a rather simple and clean theme for single real estate (including rental, corporate and apartment).

More Info | Demo