5 Best WordPress Themes for a Charity Organization in 2019

Are you looking for a WordPress theme for a charity organization? If you are, the following are some of the best WordPress themes for a charity organization which I have personally found.

The charity organization themes below come in various designs and they are also easy to set up. No need for any coding knowledge.

On top of that, they also come with fantastic documentation so that you understand how the theme works.

So don’t sweat it and help yourself to any of the themes below to set up a full-fledged charity organization website.

Charity Hub

As the name of this theme sounds, Charity Hub is an all-in-one solution for a charity organization website. It can really be used for any sorts of charity organizations, thanks to the flexible theme layout, the advanced admin panel, the shortcodes, and the page builder which helps make it all happen.

On top of that, this theme allows you to create a charity cause and easily set up a complete donation system. The donation system can be integrated with PayPal or Stripe and you can set the default donation amounts.

The best part about the donation system is that you can set a goal for the donation amount you are looking forward to and the system keeps track of it via a percentage bar. Similar to Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms.

You also have total control on the cause page. For example, you can have multiple causes to appear on a single page, you can have a custom page dedicated for a specific cause and you can even control the sidebar positions; left, right or no sidebar.

Other than that, this theme comes with a standard homepage design which looks quite professional. It really fits the idea of a charity organization.

And yes, the homepage can also be customized in case if you don’t like the standard design. For example, you can have a layer slider instead of the average slider, you can have the causes to be displayed on the slider with a Donate Now button, you can have the latest posts to be displayed on the slider or you can have no slider at all.

Other sections of the homepage can also be hacked. And the best part is that it takes no skill level to hack it. Just drag and drop what you wish to have on the homepage and voila!

Charity Hub also comes with a portfolio page which allows you to display the portfolio in a nice and tidy manner. In the portfolio page, you will be able to display the images/videos related to the project and display the detailed project info and description.

There’s a blog page as well.

The theme can also be integrated with WooCommerce in case you want to set up an online shop and sell merchandises that are produced for a cause.

To top it all off, there’s a banana in the ice-cream. In this case, the banana is the easy demo importer which allows you to import the demo layouts if you ever needed some clues on where to begin customizing the theme.

Learn more about this theme here


Compared to the theme above, this one has more design options. On top of that, the designs are a little more towards the creative side too.

Alone comes with 21 pre-built homepage layouts. These homepage layouts are designed for various charity organizations such as autism, political, animal, foundation, and many more. There’s even a minimal homepage layout – in my opinion, this minimal hype is really getting out of control.

On top of that, the theme has 9 header styles to choose from and a footer which can be divided up to 4 columns.

In terms of features on the other hand, this theme and Charity Hub are very much alike. There’s the cause page, there’s the complete donation system which works the same way, there’s the page builder, there’s the sliders, there’s WooCommerce integration, there’s a mega menu, and there’s even a blog section which as a matter of fact has 3 styles to choose from.

Speaking of the donation system, if you look closely at the screenshot above, there is a nifty Donate Now button located at the top right-hand corner. This button leads to a quick donation popup that allows users to make a quick donation to the organization.

What’s lacking with this theme is a portfolio page. But, the theme developer has unknowingly replaced the portfolio page with a premium gallery plugin. This premium gallery plugin which is known as Essential Grid will actually cost you $34 if you purchase it on its own. With it, you can display images of the charity projects in a nice looking gallery grid.

Another unique thing about this charity organization theme besides the gallery is the events feature. That’s right — this theme also has a complete events feature which allows you to publish a charity event. And yes, users can book the event on the spot. And yes, you can also have all the events displayed neatly on a dedicated page for users to browse.

The above is pretty much everything you need to know about how this theme works.

If you ask me, I personally like the colors on this theme. Very vivid which makes the contents on the theme stand out to ensure users capture it at a glance.

The theme also has all the useful pages which you can easily import using the importer feature. The homepages can be imported too!

Learn more about this theme here


There’s nothing that describes this charity organization theme better than the words; bold and simple.

In other words, if you are looking for a charity organization theme that is bold and simple, this might just be the one sent by God for you – just to be clear, I’m not referring myself as God, I’m just the messenger if there’s such thing as God.

On the homepage, there’s the usual menu navigations at the top, followed by a massive fullwidth slider, a section which displays a couple of the latest charity projects, a section which displays the upcoming event, a newsletter signup button and finally a footer. No Donate Now button, no silly charts – straight as a dart hitting the bullseye target.

But of course, there are the compulsory features of a charity organization theme such as a donation system and project page – this theme uses the word Project instead of Cause, so don’t get yourself confused.

The donation system is nicely tucked in a separate page instead of having it laying around like a prostitute.

And the projects are also neatly aligned on a page.

The individual project page is also kept simple and bold. You will find nothing but detailed description about the project and a simple donation box on the sidebar.

Other than that, there’s a blog page, a pricing table feature which comes in handy if you offer some sort of charity service, a simple yet informative contact page, a team page which displays the volunteers and team members, and an FAQ page. There’s also a built-in events calendar which allows you to keep users up-to-date with all the upcoming events held by the charity organization.

Learn more about this theme here


At the moment of writing, the developer of this theme is running a sale for this theme. The theme is only priced at $29 making it the cheapest charity organization theme on this list. However, if you are reading this right now and notice that the theme is no longer $29, that means you have missed the sale.

Now that the sale part is cleared out of the air, I can proceed to share with you the superpowers that are attached to it.

HelpingHands comes with seven types of homepage layouts. Some look professional, some look simple and some look very cool. The one which I think looks cool is the one-page versions. But, you might think otherwise.

What’s similar between all the homepage layouts is that it has a very light and bright use of colors. It can be compared to the Charity Hub theme mentioned at the top of this list.

The good news is that if you don’t like the colors used in the homepage layouts, you can easily change it in the theme panel. Unlimited colors and variations. In fact, both themes offer a complete color customization.

On the other hand, in comparison with that same theme when it comes to features, this theme sort of nailed it. That’s because not only does it has all the features which that theme has, it also has more to offer. For example, it has the events feature and also it has the nifty Donate button located at the top edge for donors who are looking to make a quick donation. Other than that, it has a team showcase page which allows you to showcase the board of directors, advisory council and volunteers.

In short, this is sort of a better version of that theme in terms of features. But, if features are not really at the top of your list, then both are equally a good contender.

Learn more about this theme here


You are reaching the end of this short yet long list.

And for the ending of this list, I have chosen to list the Lifeline charity organization theme. For your information, I’m not associated with any of the theme developers on this list. I chose the themes based on the features, based on what other existing users of the themes have to say about it and also based on the quality of the design and the way the whole theme is packaged.

In other words, this theme also fits the description above.

But, I think it’s a little better than the others. That’s because it has a more advanced donation system. The donation system allows you to accept payments not only from PayPal, but also from other payment gateways such as 2Checkout, Braintree, and a few more. On top of that, it also allows you to accept recurring donations. And yes, the nifty Donate Now button exists with this theme as well.

The theme also allows you to display upcoming events, display portfolios, display ongoing projects, display photographs in a gallery, showcase team members, and publish blog posts in a dedicated blog section.

In terms of the homepage layouts, there are 13 of them to choose from. There’s a minimalist layout, there’s a traditional layout and there’s even a parallax scrolling layout.

Other than that, the colors of the theme can be fully customized from head-to-toe, there’s a powerful page builder to keep you in control with the elements on each and every page, you can create unlimited sidebars, and there’s the much-needed demo layout importer.

In an overview perspective, the only thing unique about this theme in comparison to the rest is that this one has a more powerful donation system. The features and the content structure on the other hand are not so far apart.

Learn more about this theme here


Not all the charity organization themes on this list are perfect and as a result of this, to choose a theme is not exactly a walk in the park. You really need to factor in and visualize what actually your charity organization website needs based on the way your charity organization operates in real life. Only then you will be able to fix your mind on one of the chosen ones above like going through a calm breeze.