4 Best WordPress Themes for a Driving School in 2019

Are you looking for a WordPress theme for a driving school? If you are, I have researched and listed the best WordPress themes that are developed specifically for a driving school.

The WordPress themes below are highly-rated and easy to set up. All of them differ in terms of design and features. Go through each and every one of them below and select the one which you think best suits your driving school.


Driveme is a WordPress theme which comes with 2 different homepage styles. One of the homepages has a one-page design and the other has a standard multi-page design. It’s up to you to choose which one suits you best.

What’s cool about this theme is that it has a course feature which allows you to add the courses which you have available in your driving school in a very detailed and neat way. Here’s an example:

The best part is that the course feature allows you to link a payment gateway such as PayPal or Stripe and get interested students to book and make a payment for any of the courses within the website itself.

You can also have a dedicated page to display all the courses you have available like this:

And you can display a selected few on the homepage as well:

Driveme also has a pricing tables feature which allows you to display the pricing packages you have in your driving school, it has a course inspectors page which allows you to display the driving inspectors, it has a gallery to display photographs, and it even has a blog section to publish the latest news and happenings in the driving school.

Learn more about this theme here


If you don’t need any fancy course feature, this is the theme you should have your eye on.

DriClub is quite a simple driving school WordPress theme that allows you to display the basic information of your driving school such as the driving courses available and the packages you offer. No online payment. But, there is a booking functionality which allows students to place a booking within the website. The booking feature allows you to collect details such as name, phone number, email address, and their interested driving course.

Other than that, the design of this theme is a little more relevant for a driving school compared to the theme mentioned above. This is because of the icons, colors, and backgrounds which are closely designed to match real life road and signage.

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Driving School

If you ask me personally, I prefer using this theme compared to the other two themes above. This is because this theme is sort of a combination of the two themes above. It has a fancy course feature, it has a booking functionality, it has a dedicated page to display the driving inspectors, it has a blog section and it has the pricing tables.

If you check out the screenshot above, you can see a search filter which allows students to find for a driving course they are interested in. This is one of the features that is absent in the other themes. This feature sort of give students the flexibility to find for their preferred course in their preferred time. They can also filter the courses based on the car type.

On top of that, this theme has a section where you can display the certificates your driving school has been awarded.

It has a dedicated page to display the FAQ.

And it even has a reviews page which allows existing or past students to leave a review.

Design wise, this theme is more towards the vibrant side. This is due to the vivid colors used in the theme.

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Fast & Safe

This theme and the theme mentioned above are very similar to each other in terms of features and the way they work. The only thing different about this theme is the design.

As mentioned earlier, the theme above is vibrant in terms of design. This one is more towards the light side. In other words, the colors used are simple and very light.

Another difference between the two themes is that this one does not have a dedicated reviews page.

On the bright side, the booking functionality, the driving instructors page, the certificates displaying feature and everything else is on point.

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