The Best WordPress Themes for a Laundry Company

Do you have a laundry company and looking forward to build an online presence with WordPress? If you are, the following WordPress themes will make your life easier. That’s because the themes are designed for laundry companies. Every inch of it.

On top of that, the themes are also easy to set up. Thanks to the one click installation feature that has been integrated in each and every one of them.

Shall we begin with the list?

Note: All themes listed below are responsive on all types screens and devices.

Be Clean

Be Clean is a WordPress theme that is designed for three different companies; cleaning company, maid service company and laundry company. It’s sort of like a 3-in-1 kinda theme.

wordpress theme for a laundry company

This theme which is developed by CMSMasters has a clean design with light colors.

But most importantly, it has all the right features to get a laundry company website to work the way it should be. For example, it has a cost estimator form builder which allows you to build a custom cost estimation form that allows customers to get an estimation on how much the laundry service is gonna cost.

calculated form builder wordpress

It also has a pricing table builder and service booking form builder if the above is not something you are looking for.

Other than that, this theme is easy to workaround with as it has a theme admin panel where you can fix little details such as colors, fonts, typography, etc. And there’s a drag and drop page editor to rearrange the contents on a page like a boss.

The damage: $59

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I would be lying if I say CleanMate and Be Clean are two different WordPress themes. In fact, they are the same – feature wise.

Design wise – not the same. So, when it comes to choosing between these two themes, it’s really a matter of which design you prefer. If you like the design of CleanMate, go for CleanMate and vice versa. Don’t confuse yourself.

You get the same cost estimator form builder, drag and drop page editor, theme admin panel, and all the necessaries.

The damage: $59

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As the name of this theme sounds, this theme is strictly for a laundry company. No 3-in-1 or any of those stuff.

However, this theme doesn’t have a fancy cost estimator form builder unlike the other two themes. What it has is a lightbox form builder which allows you to build a form for customers to order a delivery service from your website itself. In case if you don’t know what is a lightbox form, it’s basically a form that appears as an overlay on the website itself. Imagine popup forms without popping up out of nowhere.

Other than that, this theme also has a pricing table and pricing list builder for you to display the price in detail.

And of course, there’s a drag and drop page editor too!

The damage: $59

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GoWash is similar to the Laundry theme above. It is developed specifically for a laundry company website. Again, no 3-in-1 or 10-in-1 or any other funny business.

This theme comes with two types of homepage layouts for you to choose from. Both looks good. One has a fullwidth layout and the other has a boxed layout.

gowash wordpress theme review

If you ask me, I like the fullwidth layout better.

What’s unique about this theme compared to the others is the way customers book/order a laundry service. This theme is integrated with an appointment feature which allows customers to book an appointment based on the available dates and time. You can set which dates and times are taken to avoid any service interruptions. Also, the dates and times that are booked by other customers will automatically be unavailable.

There’s also a pricing table builder and a service page builder. In case you are wondering, a service page builder is a page which displays the list of laundry services that you offer.

The damage: $59

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Laundry City

Priced at $53, Laundry City is the cheapest WordPress theme in this list.

What I like about this theme is the simplicity of it. There’s no sophisticated appointment making feature nor does it have a sophisticated cost estimator form builder. It’s straightforward and it has also been thought through in every angle of a laundry business.

For example, as you can see, at the top right-hand corner of the homepage is a Schedule a Pickup button which takes the customer to a page where he or she can contact you directly via a simple contact form.

Other than that, I like the way the pricing is displayed. In a tabbed way. Neat ain’t it?

When any of the pricing box is clicked, a lightbox will appear containing all the information about the particular service.

baby clothes laundry wordpress theme

Although simple, this theme comes pack with features that you may want to include such as testimonials, galleries and display featured service.

There’s even the typical drag and drop page editor.

The damage: $53

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Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaners is another point of view on how a laundry company website should look like. It is developed by Design Themes and it’s every bit as good as the rest.

This one also has a cost estimator form builder.

The unique thing about it though is that it has more than 11 different types of headers for you to choose from which makes it the theme with the most header styles option in this list.

So, if header styles is your thing, this is your theme.

This theme also has pricing list feature, services page, feedback form and even an appointment form.

I can say that this theme is the most equipped and has the most styling options on this list.

The damage: $59

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If you just want a website which displays the contact info about your laundry company and the services which you offer without any of the fancy appointment and contact forms, this is the theme you should have your eyes on.

This theme has been designed with basic in mind. Literally everything about it is basic. The design is basic and the features are basic.

It’s the theme to let know the people on the internet that your laundry company exists in this world.

With it, you can display the operating hours of the laundry, the contact info, the services offered and the price list. That’s about it. Short, simple and straight to the point.

Customization wise is also easy, it has drag and drop page editor and a powerful theme options panel.

The damage: $59

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