4 Best WordPress Themes For Online Reviews

Online reviews are one of the main thing that influence a consumer’s buying decision nowadays. According to an infographic released by Invesp, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business and at the same time 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

In other words, online reviews are important for both the consumer and the product/service industry.

On the other hand, if you are planning to start an online review website, you should know that it’s a huge responsibility. Every steps that you take from building the website to publishing reviews should be taken seriously.

Fortunately for you, we got you covered for the part where you build the website. This is because we have gathered a list of some of the best online review WordPress themes out there.

The following is the list.

1. Reviews

Reviews is one of the best selling online review WordPress theme on ThemeForest. However, in our opinion, it is a theme that is suitable for a much larger scale of online reviews. For example, if you are planning to review a few niches together in one website, then it would be ideal. This is because the theme is designed in such a way where you can add various different categories and at the same time maintaining the neat look of the website.

This theme also comes pack with all the needed review features such as authors rating, pros and cons section and also the ability for users to leave their own reviews.

For more information on how this theme works, head over here for a first person view.

2. Made

If you are looking to just review for a particular niche, this WordPress theme would be perfect. It has a magazine design which makes reading reviews more fun.

On top of that, this theme is also highly customisable. For example, you can identify the rating methods used such as rating by points, rating by percentage, rating by letter grades and rating by stars. And you can also mix and match by having different types of rating methods for different types of reviews published.

As you can see above, users are able to leave their own ratings as well.

And since it looks like a magazine, this theme can be used to publish non-review contents such as blog posts, news, announcements and etc.

3. Gauge

Gauge is the most modern looking review WordPress theme on this list. Although the demo of this theme displays the theme’s capabilities with a gaming niche, it still can be used for any other niches out there. It’s really up to you.

Other than that, this theme have a unique feature called Hub. Hub basically allows you to create a custom page for a product on the review website. You can add all the related information of the product to the page such as the product review, product news, images, videos and so on. This feature is to improve user’s experience and also to further organise the content structure of the website. The following screenshot is how the Hub feature looks like:

The rating system used with this theme is the point rating system. And users are able to leave their own ratings and reviews too.

4. Huber

Huber and Gauge both have the same theme developer. So you can expect a lot of the similar features from Gauge in this theme.

The certain things that sets apart both of the themes are the design and the multiple affiliates feature. The multiple affiliates feature allows you to add more than one affiliate link on each of the Hub.

Other than that, both themes are the same.

And this ends our list of some of the best WordPress themes for online reviews.