The Best WordPress Themes for Political Campaigns

Are you looking for a WordPress theme for a political campaign? If you are, here are the best selections.

The following themes contain a mix up of WordPress themes that can be used for two purposes; to campaign a political party and to campaign a political candidate. I have explained the purpose of each and every WordPress themes below so that you can find what you are looking for.


Note: All WordPress themes below are responsive to all screens and devices. They are optimized for touchscreens too!


Developed by Design Crumbs, Campaign is the best selling WordPress theme in ThemeForest which is specifically designed to campaign a political party.

What I like about it is the design of the theme which gives it that political party vibe to it. For instance, the menu design that has the rosette finish together with a Make a Donation button that allows voters to make a small donation via PayPal or any other online payment systems.

campaign wordpress theme review

Other than that I like the email opt-in form design which also contributes to the overall political party vibe.

There isn’t much to expect in terms of features simply because most political party websites are only meant for informing the voters about the candidates, events and etc. So with this theme, you can expect a dedicated event section which displays a calendar that allows voters to view the events that are taking place. There’s also a blog section which allows the announcement of new candidates and any other political news.

And that’s pretty much all the features.

The theme is also easy to set up with easy to follow instructions. You can choose between 4 different color schemes, 2 body styles, 6 background patterns, and 2 content layouts.

The damage: $44


Politico is another WordPress theme designed to campaign a political party. However, this one is much cheaper compared to the one mentioned above. It’s only priced at $24.

politico wordpress theme review

Feature wise they are not the same. The events and email opt-in form feature don’t exist with Politico. But, Politico has an election countdown feature which basically displays a countdown timer for the election date.

Compared to Campaign, Politico certainly has its disadvantages in terms of features, however, the basics of campaigning a political party such as a donation button, news/announcements section, and a feature slider to display the main news and announcements are still there. Plus, it only costs $24 which is acceptable for certain missing features.

It is also easy to customize as the theme developer has enabled the customization of the theme via the WordPress Customizer. This allows you to customize the theme in a real-time manner.

The damage: $24


As a WordPress theme reviewer, I know what theme looks good, what theme looks modern and what theme looks stylish. And when I say a WordPress theme looks good, it looks good.

This WordPress theme, on the other hand, looks modern. More modern than any of the themes listed above.

candidate wordpress theme review

It is designed to campaign a political party.

In terms of features, this theme possesses most of the features that are available with the Campaign WordPress theme listed at the top of this list. In other words, this theme is just a modern version of it. And, it also has some additional features.

Does it make it the best political party theme on this list? You be the judge.

What I like about this theme specifically is the campaign trail feature which basically displays the location and the date of the campaigns in a horizontal trail.

Other than that, I also like the donation system which allows donors to specify an amount which they would like to donate on the website itself.

This theme has a powerful settings panel which allows you to take control of the page layouts, colors, and backgrounds all from one place. There’s even one click demo install and a page builder to further ease the process of setting up the theme.

The damage: $39


I’m pretty sure everyone who is reading this right now is aware that this theme has a similar name as the one mentioned above. But just to be clear, they are two different WordPress themes.

This theme here is a multipurpose WordPress theme. It can be used to campaign a political party, it can be used for a charity organization, it can be used for a church, and it can be used for a pet rescue home. 4-in-1.

But since we are in the political scene here, I’m just going to elaborate on how the theme is designed and developed for political gains.

First of all, the theme is developed to campaign for a political party. It offers four different layout options to choose from.

Although the layouts are different from each other, the features are the same.

Honestly, compared to the other Candidate WordPress theme, I prefer the design, layout, and features that come with this one.

First of all, the design looks more corporate like. This gives the impression that the political party is strictly professional.

Although it does not have the campaign trail feature like it’s nemesis, it still has the donation feature that allows donors to make a quick donation based on a few specified amount. Other than that, there’s the events feature to display the upcoming events, volunteer sign up page, team display page, and issues page to display the political issues accordingly.

There’s also a feature to allow the display of the political sponsors.

This theme also has a premium social sharing and crowdfunding plugin included. Not that you need it to campaign a political party, but it does feel good to get more stuff thrown in for free.

The theme is also easy to set up thanks to the powerful themes panel and the page builder.

The damage: $59


This WordPress theme is designed to promote a candidate. And it doesn’t matter what the candidate is for. For example, it can be used to promote a candidate running for a judge, it can be used to promote a candidate running for the mayor, it can be used to promote a candidate for city council and as well as to promote a candidate for Congress.

In other words, it’s the ultimate WordPress theme to promote a candidate.

What I like about this theme is the home page design which is actually a landing page to display the candidate and an email opt-in form. Here’s an example:

Or you can remove the email opt-in form and replace it with a donation widget.

This makes a great landing page as voters get to understand the purpose of the whole setup in one glance. And if the voters need more information, there’s a nifty link at the bottom of the page which takes them to the main site.

On the main site, you can include information such as campaign videos, news and headlines, and campaigns and events info.

Or, if you don’t wish to have the landing page as the home page, you can remove it and only have the main site as the home page.

Design wise, the main site is designed with one page in mind. Voters will be able to easily scroll the page and find information which they are looking for without having to load another page.

The damage: $59


If you don’t like FrontRunner as a theme to campaign a political candidate, you will probably like this one.

Actually, this theme can be used for dual-purpose; to campaign a political candidate and also to campaign a political party.

It comes with 6 layouts. 4 of the layouts are designed for a political candidate and 2 of the layouts are designed for a political party.

So if you are looking for a WordPress theme that is capable of doing both, this is your best option.

In terms of design, it looks good too! Neat and tidy.

In terms of features, it’s packed with all of ’em. Events, donation form, volunteering form, manifesto page, issues page, FAQ page, news & announcement page, and even a candidate biography page.

On top of that, this theme is also filled with design elements to help you further design the site and take control of the content such as custom buttons, separator, video background, slider background, tabbed content and much more.

Design and feature wise this theme is the best and the most complete in this list. Also, the most customizable with the help of WPBakery’s page builder.

The damage: $59


Politist can be closely matched with FrontRunner as it’s only developed to promote a political candidate. In terms of appearance, Politist is much more on the creative side due to its unique center menu design and contrast colors.

politist wordpress theme

Unlike FrontRunner though, Politist has a dedicated biography page which allows the display of the candidate’s biography in a very clear and precise way. For example, you can include the resume of the candidate in a simple timeline way which saves everyone the trouble of having to read detailed descriptions.

Other than that, there’s a volunteer page too which displays all the volunteers neatly on a page. You can include the name of the volunteer, the image and as well as the email address.

Then, there’s the typical event page which displays all the past and upcoming events.

In terms of the home page, there are three different types to choose from. However, they almost have the same outlook. The outlook, in this case, is a one-page layout. In other words, they are all stacked up differently but the layout remains the same. For example, one of the home pages is designed to have a full-width slider at the top and the other home page is designed to have a static image + an email opt-in form at the top. Get what I mean?

Though, what’s interesting about the home page is the resume of the candidate that I mentioned earlier. It can be displayed horizontally as part of the home page. This is actually quite cool.

Other stuff that can be stacked up on the home page include an event countdown timer, latest news, donate option, and email opt-in form. You can easily choose what to stack up via drag and drop method as this theme is designed to work with WPBakery’s page builder.

The header can also be configured to your liking. You can have it a center based header, or you can have the classic version.

In short, this is another take on a WordPress theme to campaign a political candidate.

The damage: $49